What’s It Like to Be a Storm Photographer?

how to be a storm photographer

Peak tornado season may be winding down, but there should still be plenty of opportunities for storm chasing photographers to get the perfect shot over the coming months. Here’s some new stories and videos, with advice direct from the experts, on how to capture nature’s destructive beauty from those who do it every day!

how to be a storm chaser photographer

The Daily Mail profiles a photographer from the UK who quit his job to chase storms in Australia.

how to photograph lightning

Popular Photography interviews Mitch Dobrowner about the equipment he uses to take dramatic storm photos.

how to photograph a tornado

The Ultimate PhotoGuide shares tips every storm photographer needs to know:

how to take photographs of storms

500px gives a fascinating “day in the life” profile to photographer Brandon Goforth from Oklahoma, featuring some seriously stunning storm photography.

how to be a professional storm photographer

The Telegraph catches up with storm chaser Roger Hill to showcase some of his best pictures, including the massive tornado that impacted Joplin, MO in 2011.

how to be a tornado photographer

Tray Ratcliff believes in unique photography for unique people. Check out his two+ hour Google+ hangout featuring a number of experienced storm chasers (who’ve worked for National Geographic and The Weather Channel, amongst others) talking about how they snap the perfect picture during the chaos.

how to be a lightning photographer

Redbull’s Adventure blog turns its focus to Christophe Suarez’s quest to capture lightning all over Europe.

*All images in this post are from the NOAA.

This is the second part in our series highlighting exciting ways professional photographers can use their skills. See the previous post below:

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