Professional Photographer Tips: Adding a Copyright Symbol to Images

adding copyright symbol to professional photographySo you want to put a copyright (©) symbol on your images  How can you do that?

On a mac – press Option and G – ©

Or, you can go into your system preferences and turn on the Keyboard and Character Viewer found under Language & Text, then to the Input Sources and check the Keyboard  Character Viewer, also check the “Show Input menu in menu bar”.  Now open up the Character viewer and set your view to “Roman”, choose the Miscellaneous section and then you will see the © symbol. Select the symbol and press insert. Your selected symbol will be inserted into your document where your cursor is.

On a pc – there are several ways to do this and they will depend upon the type of keyboard that you are using. On a desktop keyboard that has the 10 key pad on the side, press and hold the alt key, then  press 0169 on the 10 key pad.

On a laptop it can be a little more challenging. If you look close at the keyboard, you will see the numbers 0-9 overlaid on the keyboard M=0, J=1, K=2, etc.   These numbers are accessed by pressing the FN key. To duplicate what you can do on a regular keyboard, you still want to press the alt and 0169, but in addition, press the FN key.

There is one other way to do this on a pc, it involves using the character map.

To access the character map, go to START, then All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools, the Character Map.  Choose the font you are using at the top, then select the © symbol (note when you do this you can see the keystroke assigned to that character), press the select button, then press copy. You can now paste this into your document.

So, you want one more way to do this?  Sure, here we go.

In Photoshop, choose your custom shape tool, (shortcut is “U”), the tool you want looks like a squiggly star. When you press “U” look in your tool bar for the icon shown below.

When you select it, you will see a shape box option. Click on the down arrow and you will see all sorts of shapes, look through them for the ©.   Once you select the shape, click and drag (hold down the shift key to preserve the aspect ratio) and you will have a © symbol on your image.  (note the color box on your tool bar)

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