Messages from Brides: What Could My Wedding Photographer Do Better?

As a professional wedding photographer, you are trusted with a huge responsibility: your pictures will be the only visual memory of their most important day. You are expected not only to capture special moments but also to create moments. Couples who hire you put faith that you will meet all their expectations and dreams.

To see how people feel about their expectations being met, our friends at BrideBox Wedding Albums asked real brides whose weddings took place between 2014 to 2016 to tell share about their experience with their wedding photographers and what the photographer/s could have done better. These are direct quotes from those anonymous brides. We hope this information can be of help to you and your wedding photography business.

Here it is in their words:


Credit: Ben Chrisman presented by BrideBox

  • Directions – I was looking to get from the photographer some direction during the wedding day.
  • The shoot list – Make it clear in advance, make sure the list is known to all involved.
  • Stay true to what you discussed before the wedding. One advice was directed to brides, but still there is a lot you can take from it. “how do I like to look in pictures? What do I want to be taken and not want to be taken?” and communicate it to your wedding photographer beforehand. The last thing you’ll want to do is stress about the pictures you want to be taken and not be taken on the day of your wedding.
  • My photographer should have cleaned up my pictures a little better than how they were presented. I had some pictures that were blurry
  • Made the timing of her exit more clear.
  • Meet beforehandand give you some good ideas from some of their past shoots so you can put together a photography plan for them to stick to.
  • Create a finalized schedule and make sure we stick to it. That means show up on time and don’t take too long or too short on the photo shoot.
  • He could have offered more ideas for the group photos. It seemed like he just wanted to get the job done and wasn’t thinking that creatively.
  • Get familiar with the venue surroundings before the wedding day. That way they have a better idea for photo opportunities and the perfect time of day for their lighting needs.
  • Don’t let relatives get in the way. We know, our families can be overwhelming and demanding and we’re so sorry about that. But please just stick to our photography plan and timeline.
  • I wish we would have identified a place during the ceremony for the bridal party to make a brief pause for a photo on the way down the aisle.
  • I wish our photographer would have taken more initiative and [been] creative. Rather than us telling him which pictures to take… He did ask for a list of pictures that we wanted him to take, but with everything going on, the list was misplaced.
  • Please make sure that there are a ton of candids. The last thing you want is all posed pictures for your wedding album.
  • I LOVED my photographer. But I wish she had had more romantic and intimate pose ideas when she was photographing us alone as a couple. I found the ones we took a little stiff and in the rush of the moment couldn’t think of anything better myself.
  • Capture a good mixof heirlooms, signs, decorations and all family pictures that were discussed beforehand.
  • Encourage an engagement shootso we can get to know each other before the wedding and make sure our personalities align.
  • I wish my photographer had captured more photos of my friends and family, as well as photos of us interacting with them.
  • Listened to what I wanted. While I have nice photos to look back on, they did not look at or consider the shot list that they asked me to send them. There were certain photos I had really wanted and missed out on.
  • To be fair, he took a pretty healthy mix of photos and got pictures of all of my guests, but I really thought he would know better and take more photos of my bridal party and my family members. I only have one picture of me and my sister (who was also my maid of honor!) outside of the posed photos.



Finally, when documenting an event as important as someone’s wedding, be sure to take the time to find out who the VIPs on the guest list are. Your bride and groom will be extremely busy on their big day and won’t be able to come over and tell you to take more photos of their family or best friends, so they’ll expect you to be one step ahead of them and already be snapping shots of those important people. Although it’s important to get a good mix of shots that include everyone and everything, more photos of those who are most important to your clients will only make them happier in the end. More also on the post Engagement Photo Ideas



Credit: Ben Chrisman presented by BrideBox

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