Blogging and SEO Tips for Professional Photographers

If done correctly, keeping a blog on a website is one of the most effective ways for photographers to drive business to their studios. “Correctly” is the keyword there though, as it’s actually much harder for photographers (or anyone really) to blog than you would imagine.

Keeping a blog on your site can raise search rankings for your relevant keywords, raise business awareness, and in turn, bring in more smiling customers ready for you to photograph them.

Top SEO and Blogging Tips for Photographers

  • Know your keyword targets. Make sure they are searched for, and useful to your business!
  • Use your keywords effectively!
  • Promote your content! Social shares and links to your content are keys to getting it to rank well.
  • Your content must be unique!

All of these key points above fall under a buzzword known as SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website’s content and gaining authority with the search engines with the end-goal of moving up the rankings for relevant terms.

In the presentation below, you can see all these blogging tips, and much more!

With that guide, and the following article, you’re now well on your way to writing the perfect blog post! If you need to get started with a website and blog to help drive business to your studio, be sure to check out our great free WordPress themes and tutorials on setting up your own WordPress site quickly and easily!

We also wrote a series of blog posts on general SEO tips for photographers too!

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