11 Videos that Will Make You a Snow Photography Expert

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Image by Yosemite

We’re now deep into another winter, with record snowfall hammering the east coast just last week. You can’t change the weather, but you can make the most of it and take some time to freshen up your winter photography skills!

Before we get deep into the “how to” videos for photographing snow and winter weather, take a look at this video from the National Science Foundation on the history of photographing snow flakes, dating all the way back to the 1800s.

Now, on to the learning!

Photography Tips: How to Photograph in the Snow — by PrettyGeekyPhotos

How to Take Amazing Photos in the Snow — by Gavin Hoey

Snow Photography and Special Effects (DSLR Tutorial) – by Photo Extremist

Sunny 16 in the Snow — by Adorama

Landscape Photography: Winter, Polariser, 10 Stop Filter & When Not to Take an Image – by Thomas Heaton

Taking Pictures In the Snow – by Jared Polin

Winter Photography Gear — by Adorama

Tips for Shooting Photos in the Snow! – by Adam Lerner

Two-Minute Snow Photography Tips – by UltimatePhotoTips

Snow Portrait Photography Tips: 50mm Lensby WeeklyImogen

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