The Game – Photography Contest Winner!

This is a busy time of year for photographers, so we were limited on contest entries.  Because of that, I’m going to post them all here for everyone to enjoy.  This was a fun contest, and I think we’ll play The Game some more in the future.  At the end of this entry, I’m asking for feedback on a couple of things.  Please use the comment section to give me your thoughts.

Now, let’s get to the images that you chose for “Empty.”

Courtesy of Heather Dillon

One of our voters liked this one because it reminds her of the robin’s nest in her yard. Her family has been enjoying watching the momma care for her eggs, and she would be sad if that nest was empty like this one.

Courtesy of Lisa Siders.

Another voter was moved by this one, because it pulls on recent emotions.  Here in Kansas City lately, it seems to rain every day and everything is drippy and grey.  This image just seems to sum up those spring days when it’s too wet to go outside.

Finally, we’ll reveal our winner:

Courtesy of Leann Kucerik

Several folks expressed that it seems wrong for the swings to sit still and empty, instead of being filled with children.

Congratulations, Leann!  You have won a free dog tag!  Send an email to me and I’ll tell you how to redeem your prize.

Now, for the feedback I was going to ask for.  With the format of this blog, vertical images usually require scrolling up and down, and you cannot get the entire image on your monitor at one time.  Today I have added white borders, to make the images square.  Does this solve that problem for you?  Images have more impact if you can see the whole thing, so that’s what I’m trying to accomplish.


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