H&H Color Lab’s Loud Photography Contest

Let’s have a contest!

Our photo lab will make this one fun, and play fast and loose with the rules.  I’ll allow two entries per person, and accept entries until Midnight on Wednesday, September 23.  Photoshop manipulation will be allowed this time, so get creative.   Please do not put your name or logo on the images to keep the judging impartial. You WILL be credited for your images when I post them here, though.  The winner will be announced next Friday.

What are you shooting?  Show me “Loud.”

That’s right, I want to see an image of a sound…or something like that.  Go out and look for loud, and then capture it and email it to me at rachelf@hhcolorlab.com.  The winner will get a free air horn!  Just kidding.  The winner will actually receive a free set of Black Tie Press note pads!

Now, get out there and show me LOUD!


You now have until midnight on 9-30!

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