Easter Egg photo contest winners!

We are going to offer prizes to the top three images from our Easter Egg contest.  It was fun seeing these very different representations of our topic.  The prints were posted in the employee break room for voting, as well as at the front counter, so our local customers could have a chance to vote, too.

Now, with no further ado, I present our top three.

Third place goes to this adorable image:

baby photography - easter egg pictures

submitted by Christine Webb.
Second place went to this colorful entry:

easter egg photogrpahy

submitted by Heather Dillon.
Finally, our first place winner, taking almost half of the votes:

professional easter egg photography

Submitted by David Heaton.
Thanks to everyone for playing along, and look for another contest coming up soon.  Those of you who won, watch your email for your prize!
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