What’s It Like to Be a Football Photographer?

Sports photographers are an integral part to our enjoyment of the game of football. Just look at this amazing shot from the December 27th game between the Giants and Vikings. Seven defenders trying to bring down one running back, and all of it captured in one frame:

They’re able to capture the drama and let the world relive amazing football moments for the rest of our lives. Just think about any pivotal moment in a big football game and chances are the first flicker of the moment that pops in your head is an amazing photograph.

With the college football bowl/playoff season in full swing and the Super Bowl just a little more than a month away, we decided to take a look at what it means to be a professional photographer covering football games.

A Day in the Life of a Football Photographer

The following videos show exactly what you need to get the perfect shot at a football game, straight from the experts:

The Dangers of Being a Football Photographer

Getting paid to attend football games sounds like the perfect life, but there are some pretty big hazards to working around a field with some of the world’s greatest athletes. You’re putting yourself in harm’s way every day.

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