What is the World’s Largest Photograph?

What is the World’s Largest Photo? Well…it depends.

Many large photographs exist, and many people define “photograph” differently. Is it the most pixels that makes an image large? Dimensions? File space? The following photographs are defined as the “world’s largest photograph” for different reasons. The arguments for the world’s largest photograph quickly turn into blurred definitions and rabbit-hole debates. See these examples below and let us know which you think deserves to be called the “World’s Largest Photograph”.

Name: The Great Photograph

Photographer(s): Legacy Project Collaborative

Size: 31 x 107 feet

When: 2006

Where: Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in Irvine, California

Who says? Guinness World Records cites this as the world’s largest pinhole photograph.

This photo was created by turning an old military airplane hangar into a pinhole camera. The team of six artists with the help of 400 assistants made extensive modifications to the hangar to ensure it was as dark as possible. Once the hangar was void of light, the 31×107 canvas was hung 55 feet from a 6mm pinhole in the hangar wall and was left to expose for 35 minutes.

“The Great Photograph” is the largest seamless photograph taken in a single exposure. It’s often cited around the internet as the world’s largest photograph. But what about digital photographs?

Name: Mont Blanc Panorama / In2White

Photographer(s): In2White

Size: 365 GigaPixels – 46 Terabytes

When: 2014

Where: France

Who says? In2White claims that it’s the largest panorama

Led by Filipp Blengini, the In2White team braved the harsh environment of Mont Blanc and took photographs for 35 consecutive hours. They eventually captured 70,000 individual photographs which were combined to create this single massive photograph. Be sure to click through and zoom in on this one!

In2White claims that the photograph would be the size of a football field, which is 120 yards long and 53.3 yards wide, if printed at 300dpi. While Guinness World Records haven’t officially updated the record, this photograph beats out the previous 320 gigapixel photograph of the BT Tower in London.

Many argue that if combining photographs counts, then Google Maps would be the winner hands down. We’ll stay out of this one.

Name: Chita-gun Mihama Nihon Fukushi University Affiliated High School Students

Photographer(s): Shinichi Yamamoto

Size: 475 feet and 8 inches long by 14 inches wide

When: 2000

Where: Japan

Who says?: Guinness World Records cites this as the world’s largest photograph.

This panoramic image was taken using a handmade camera built by photographer Shinichi Yamamoto. Details of the record-breaking image, photographer, and equipment are difficult to find. However we did find the photographer’s website.

When translated to English, we found that this image is a scaled-down version of the world’s largest photograph and details of his handmade camera.

Name: Moon Surface

Photographer(s): NASA

Size: 681 GigaPixels

When: 2010-2013

Where: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Who says?: NASA claims it’s one of the largest photographs in the world.

NASA used two narrow-angle cameras and one wide-angle camera to create this amazing photograph of our moon. At 681 gigapixels, it nearly doubles that of the Mont Blanc photograph. This photograph would also be larger than a football field if printed at 300dpi.

But this image technically wasn’t taken on planet Earth, so does it count as one of the “World’s Largest Photographs?”

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