How Mini Sessions Can Make a Big Impact for Your Photography Studio

how to use mini sessions to get more business for your photo studio

You’ve been doing your best to find new clients and spread brand awareness of your photography business. But how do you do this while still finding time to actually focus on your subjects (photography pun intended)? While we know you are up-to-date on all the latest techniques, editing software and your favorite photo lab options, marketing your business is just as important. One social media trend to watch is marketing some FREE (or very inexpensive) mini sessions to new clients. But wait, how is offering a free service beneficial to you – and your overall profits?

Mini Sessions Help Increase Word Of Mouth

In social media slang, “trending” can be both a blessing or a curse. Some brands or people have posts go viral for a variety of reasons (good and bad). Let’s focus on the good. You want want want people to share your posts about offering free sessions. This means that people in your community, your state or elsewhere are seeing your small business as a place that offers a great product to the people they trust most. And you come across as more personable because you are offering something at no charge or a discounted rate. When you decide to offer a mini session like this, create a post that features some of your best work, and make sure it is relevant to the client base you are attempting to reach.

Mini Sessions Help Increase Customer Trials

Here is where your mini sessions make the biggest impact. Know your customer. Figure out what is happening in your community and jump at the chance to target those who would be most impacted by a free session. For example, your town is having its largest baby expo at the convention center this weekend and you are looking for some new families (families start from maternity shoots to infant sessions, school photos to senior portraits, etc.) to establish some longer-term customers. On your Facebook page, target users who are fans of the baby expo and offer them a free 15-minute mini session.

Mini Sessions Help Increase Sales

Ok, so how do word of mouth marketing and customer trials turn into sales? Customer loyalty begins once your new clients see your incredible work. Then they begin to purchase images from their mini sessions and share them with friends and family. When a need arises for a photographer, who do you think they will think of immediately – That guy who charged them ### for a 30-minute session or the friendly photographer that offered a relaxed mini session at no charge a few months ago? It’s good to keep in mind that not every mini session client will turn into a lifelong customer.

Sometimes people just want free stuff, and that is okay. But you are focusing on the larger picture here – the overall return on investment. If you offer 10 mini sessions and only two people come back for longer sessions but prove to be loyal customers, you’ve already won. You spent just over two hours of shooting and a few hours of processing to spread your brand awareness and gain new customers. If you’re in a slower period and looking for a new and innovative way to get out there, a mini session extravaganza is a great place to start.

Why a Mini Session Will Work for You

Whether you’ve got a small studio, a larger staff of photographers, or are just starting out on your own in the world of photography, getting new clients is a necessary part of your business. Hosting a mini session is an easy way to establish recurring clients and receive exposure in your area – making your customers feel like they got a great deal and giving you some inexpensive advertising. The results of your efforts will bring word of mouth, social media buzz, and overall awareness of your services. A mini session can be as intensive as you’d like to make it, but remember that typically the greater amount of effort you put into this, the greater the return on time and investment.

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