Bentley Skeie – H&H Digital Guy

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Bentley Skeie- H&H Digital Guy


Bentley SkeieThis month we honor Bentley Skeie. After a twenty-year relationship with Bentley as our lab’s premier, one-and-only “Digital Guy,” it has come time for us to say goodbye, as he joins his father in their family business in Texas.

Bentley started his photography career managing several CPI one-hour photo shops and then moved to Custom Color Lab in 1995.

In 1997, H&H bought Custom Color. The timing was perfect to utilize Bentley’s talents to help move H&H forward in the area of the “new digital printing” shift that was taking over our industry! His degree in engineering and technology, which is about problem solving, was invaluable and thus, the Digital Guy” became an H&H household word!

On behalf of the entire staff at H&H Color Lab, as well as the photography industry, thank you for all you contributed. We wish you only the very best in your new endeavor!


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