15 Fictional Photographers that Can Help Inspire Your Work

There are countless books and documentaries about “how to” become a great photographer. Works that inspire us and help us to excel at our craft. Don’t discount the impact of fiction on the profession though. For every one person inspired by Ansel Adams, another has caught the photography bug from reading about Jimmy Olson and his adventures with Superman. Just because they aren’t real, doesn’t mean fictional photographers can’t teach us a thing or two about taking great photographs.

Austin Powers

amazing fictional photographers

Does any character capture the pure passion and exuberance that being a professional photographer can entail better than Austin? He makes taking great shots look fun!

Thomas in Blow-up

Austin Powers, beyond being a spoof of the James Bond films, drew heavily from David Hemmings’ character in the 1966 classic Blow-up to help capture 60s London at its height.

L.B Jeffries in Rear Window

inspirational fictional photographers

James Stewart’s wheelchair-bound photographer in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 classic shows that no matter where you may be stuck, there’s always something to obsess over and take great photos of.

Rocket in City of God

In one of the best movies you’re ever going to come across, the character Rocket from City of God shows how anybody can become a great photographer, no matter where they come from.

Leonard in Memento

fictional photographer in a movie

Maybe not a professional photographer per se, but Guy Pearce’s character in the film Memento cleverly uses a Polaroid camera to piece together his lost memories.

Prue Halliwell in Charmed

Even witches need jobs, and what better job is there than to be a professional photographer?

Mike Kovac in Man with a Camera

photographer in a tv show

Played by the always amazing Charles Bronson, the former combat photographer turned freelancer and private eye in New York makes the most out of his various cameras.

Robert Kincaid in The Bridges of Madison County

The classic novel (and later film) tells the tale of short-lived romance while a well-known photographer is out on assignment.

Peter Parker in Spider-man

spider man photographer

There are a surprising number of famous photographers in the pages of comic books, but none is more famous than Peter Parker selling his pictures of Spider-man to the Daily Bugle.

Jimmy Olsen in Superman

photographers in comics

Well, maybe Jimmy Olsen as Superman’s photographer sidekick is more famous…

Vicki Vale in Batman

Batman love interest Vicki Vale is also a (fictional) prize-winning photo-journalist!

Frank West in Dead Rising

photographers in video games

In the classic Xbox video game series when the zombie apocalypse happens, who better to lead the battle against them than a freelance photojournalist?

Jade in Beyond Good & Evil

professional photographers in pop culture

Another video game! Travel way back in time to the 2002 classic Beyond Good & Evil to rescue orphans and expose government corruption as an elite photojournalist.

2 Photographers You Maybe Shouldn’t Draw Inspiration From

And now we come across a couple photographers that, as a law-abiding citizen and decent human being, you probably don’t want to emulate. At least they have passion, right…?

Leon in Midnight Meat Train

Played by the amazing Bradley Cooper, a photographer’s obsession with dark subject matter leads him across the path of a serial killer.

Seymour in One Hour Photo

worst fictional photographer

Played by the even more amazing Robin Williams, an employee at a one-hour photo lab obsesses over a family, leading to terrible, horrible things.

Have any more favorite fictional photographers? Let us know in the comments!

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