Custom Photo Printing: Window Clings for School, Sports and Events

How many times have your been driving down the road and looked at the SUV in front of you to see the “John 2009, #54” decal on the back window.  Have you wondered why you, the professional studio, could not offer these since you already took the sports pictures and had the name, jersey # and player position information?

John 2009 Volleyball window cling

We wondered the same thing so this summer we built the ability to produce Window Decals.  Currently available in eZevent for your sports and school jobs, these window clings are available in the most popular school and team colors for Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Cheer, dance, Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Track/Cross Country, and Volleyball.  They are available for $3.08 each ($2.93 or lower after your discount) with either a white or clear cling.  The most popular is clear but remember that anything white in the image will be clear on the decal.

H&H Color Lab offers these sports window decals

The Back side of the window cling, on the release paper, we print the individual’s image and instructions on how to peel off the release paper.

Our photo lab demonstrates the separation of paper from the window cling

We also have window Decals available with a studio-designed background where you may use the school mascot, team logo, or any other design to form the background of the window decal.

Positioning of text that should be submitted to H&H's Professional Photo Lab

Your design (at 300 dpi) would fill the 5.25″ x 5.25″ space behind the text.  The finished decal will be 5” square (1/8” will be trimmed off each edge).

We expect to have window clings available in eZsuite soon for any custom designs you may want to do.  This will also feature quantity price breaks for multiples of the same design.

Window Decals make great add-on sales products and can also be used as fundraisers for the school or league you are working with.

Happy selling!

Want to create a whole sports package?  Contact our professional photo lab to learn about sports printing options!

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