Where Our Professional Photo Lab Has Been

Last weekend, our photo lab attended many different PPA conventions and seminars.  Here are a few images from some of these trips:

photography lab convention - Karen Goforth on marketing strategies

Karen Goforth spoke about marketing strategies during the Georgia PPA convention.

photo lab meeting - Lonnie Hoke

Lonnie Hoke, also at Georgia’s convention, discussed what he’d do if he knew then what he knows now.

photo lab convention - Scott and Adina Hayne

Scott and Adina Hayne presented their program at Michigan’s fall conference.

H&H Color Lab's Kim Locklear

Our own Kim Locklear answered questions at the Texas State PPA Convention.

It was great to make contact with so many of you!  I hope you got a lot of information from great speakers, trade show vendors, and the awesome programs put on at these events.

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