What is a Lean Lunch?

our photo lab is lean

Lean lunch has taken on a new meaning at H&H this year.  Lean Lunch is not just a healthy lunch consisting of low fat choices, but  it also includes continuous improvement!  Lean lunch is a time that the H&H staff eats lunch and watches videos or listens to training on how other people incorporate lean concepts in their companies.  Then the staff explores creative ways to implement lean principles in their own areas including software development, customer service/office areas, and new product development.

H&H began our lean manufacturing journey in 1999 and it has been one of the most significant contributions to H&H’s success. Lean and Six Sigma principles are taught to all employees and implemented through the lab. One-piece work flow was implemented by the formation of production cells which creates efficiency, fast turn times, minimizes errors, and encourages communication. Continuous process improvement is promoted by Kaisen events which bring employees from all areas of the lab together for a week at a time to focus on, analyze and improve specific workflows. This Kaisen event is led by a dedicated PIT team (Process Improvement Team) whose only job is to continually review processes and workflows throughout the lab.

Lean is a journey – you never arrive and never finish.   Focusing on things that cause frustration or delay and improving them, makes work more rewarding and fun!

So why don’t you begin your lean journey today by organizing weekly lean lunches with your staff? The H&H staff is listening to 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers.

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