Welcome to Our Professional Photography Lab Blog!

Welcome to H&H Color Lab’s blog.  We’re glad that you found us and we look forward to having a lot of fun on here. Don’t forget to check back often.

I’d like to start by listing a few of the features that we’ll be running:

  • New Products-be the first to see our latest products and ideas for using them to increase sales.

  • Customer spotlight-learn about some of our clients and the way they market, shoot, sell and more.

  • Employee spotlight-get to know a bit about those that produce your orders.

  • Contests-don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn a bit about the inner workings of production, and maybe grab a prize while you’re at it.

  • Marketing tips-ideas from those who are successful at marketing, and how to use H&H products to market your studio.

These are just a few of the things that we’ll be sharing here, and your feedback is always appreciated.

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