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In response to many requests, HHImageHost was created – a system that lets you proof and sell products from your images with YOUR Brand in a simple workflow.  The system was in beta last fall and capabilities have been continuously added since.   HHImageHost web proofing and web sales tools is released and ready to use in your business!

How do I use it to increase sales?
How can it improve my brand and web presence?
How do I use it so it doesn’t decrease my sales while I increase service?

At its root, posting images on the web is about service, marketing and merchandizing

  • Service – Posting images online can increase convenience for your customers
  • Marketing – One of the ways customers perceive you is how you present yourself on the web.  Well executed web galleries, web proofing, and online sales work with your web site to increase your web presence and communicate that you are both easy to do business with and up to date.  You can quickly setup HHImageHost to have the same color scheme and font as your web site so it is an extension of your current web site.
  • Merchandizing – Web sales is about selling more products from your images.

Ways to NOT use online sales

  • Keep images online too long – this reduces the urgency, and even the need, to purchase
  • Replace the prepay or face to face sale – prepay and face to face has better sales
  • Sell the same products online as the prepay or face to face sale – it trains customers next year to not purchase up front but to wait for the online sale where they are less compelled to purchase

GREAT Ways TO use online sales

  • Reach Unreachable buyers – Sell to customers you could not, otherwise sell to – relatives, out of town guests, event attendees, etc
  • Second sale opportunity – What can you sell online after you sell your traditional products the way you have?  What holiday products could you sell from the same images you have already taken?
  • Add-on sales – There is no price risk to posting images for online sales now.  Once you pay your monthly subscription, you don’t pay anything else unless you sell something.  If you added verbiage to your existing marketing materials that you deliver with your initial sale products, you may find that the addon sales are a nice bonus
  • Sell previously unsalable images – Sell from events you must photograph but have not been able to sell from in the past.  Do you have action sports or an event you are required to photograph as part of a larger contract?  Try passing out skinny mini marketing cards at events to guide people to online sales to purchase products from these events.  Why not also offer products for sale of your nature or stock photography?  If you set up these images for sale under your Gallery, it will not even expire!

How HHImageHost Works


Studio branded – H&H labeling and branding is minimal to put you out front
Here are a few examples of how customers are skinning HHImageHost to match their web sites:

Custom products and price lists with All H&H Paper surfaces and finishing services
Custom gallery of your work to market your services
Two image sales gallery styles to choose from – select the style you like best

Reduce labor – orders go directly to H&H and are shipped directly to your customer
Shipping – paid for by your customer – US Mail, Fedex ground and Fedex 2 day available for your customer to choose
Packaging – plain boxes, your return address, and even include a letter from you per event to be included in the box to your customer!
Simple pricing and reports – no hidden fees.  Simple reports allow you to see all transactions and download the data to use for your accounting.

Event Setup

  1. Setup event name, dates, passwords (if you want) and welcome messages
  2. Upload high res images in groups or as one batch
  3. Link to your HHImageHost site from your web site
  4. Tell your customers about it!


  1. Your customer goes to site, logs in (site gathers email addresses for you), and views images
  2. Your customer purchases products you have offered
  3. Credit card is pre-authorized and order is sent to H&H
  4. H&H Produces order and, at invoicing, credit card is finalized
  5. Order is shipped to your customer in plain packaging with your return address and optional letter from you for that event
  6. You receive a check at the end of the month from HHImageHost

We believe that Web proofing and web sales are an important extension of your business.  It is one more tool for you to choose, when appropriate, to compete and expand how your business can serve customers.  It improves your web presence and service to your customer.  It is very inexpensive to use.  It does not increase labor.  It can increase your sales.

The web class on HHImageHost is available also – check it out!

H&H is proud to work with HHImageHost to enable you to sell online while continuing to have H&H do your printing.  We love to be part of the conversation with you about how customers are purchasing, using and responding to images in print, books, Albums, on metals, and online.

HHImageHost is available today.  Get started today!


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