The Great Cover Up – Photo Album Covers

You may remember the blog entry about our Black Tie Photo Album department.  If not, you can read it here.  Today, we’re going to look a bit more closely at the cover options available on our Black Tie Photo Albums.

Genuine leather is a three piece design that we assemble here in our album department.  The color choices for genuine are shown below:

Premium leather is a single piece design, and the cover is a custom order, based upon the thickness of your album’s spine.  Below are the color choices available in premium leather:

Photographic covers are great when you want to creatively design every element of your client’s album.  Our psd guides on the website will help you during the design process, and show where the spine area will be, as well as what portions will wrap to the inside of the cover.

Photo by Mac Brown

Our newest cover materials are found in the Luxury Fashion line.  These range from Synthetics to Suede, and from Embossed Crocodile to Aeon:

You can request a swatch brochure from customer service to use as a sales tool, and don’t forget about our studio sample discount on albums.  That is 25% off the entire invoice: Printing, binding, AND shipping.
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