Speeding Up Our Photo Lab’s Service times

Although H&H Color Lab is consistently making strides to reduce production service times on orders, did you know that you can adjust your workflow a bit to cut down the amount of time that your order spends in our photo lab?

You can reduce service times by doing the following:

  • Make sure that any art or color instructions are as thorough as possible. If production is unclear about anything, the order will be sent to customer service to call you and ask for clarification, thus delaying production of the order.
  • Make sure that, if using coupon codes in eZSuite, you are entering a valid coupon code, exactly as it is listed (no spaces, etc) and only within the date range listed. If an order is received by our servers an hour before or after the coupon is valid, for example, it will cause an error. This will delay the order as well.
  • Separate Authentic black and white from e-surface/Fuji pearl orders. Different paper types require additional service time.
  • If you do studio color correction, you can separate orders with prints larger than 11×14 from those containing only prints 11×14 and smaller.
    • Some custom sizes such as 8×16, 10×18 etc will print with small prints. If you are in doubt about any size combination, call customer service for assistance.
    • If you have H&H correct the color on your order, it is best to keep all sizes together on one order for each client. This will enable our printer operators to keep the color consistent.

It is always important to keep the minimum charge in mind when splitting orders. Also, our eZSuite software will automatically split orders for press products, metals, or proofs from professional print orders, so be mindful of minimum charges when ordering these combinations.

With the efforts that our photo lab is making to reduce service times and a bit of workflow tweaking at the studio level, your orders will flow through very efficiently.

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