H&H Color Lab’s Self-Portrait Photography Contest

It’s time for a contest!  The topic of this contest is Self Portrait.  Now, now…calm down.  You can get pretty creative with this.

I first started thinking about self portraits when I noticed that my 13-year-old takes all pictures for Facebook, etc. from above/right.  All of them.  I can go to her profile and there are 20 images of her…from above/right.  Here is an example, slightly blurry due to lack of a steady hand:

Example of self-portrait by Rachel's daughter

Now I want to see YOUR self portrait!  It can be a direct shot of your face, a silhouette, or you can take a picture of a drawing!  Here is Bentley’s self portrait:

Self-portrait by Bentley from H&H's Professional Photo Lab

Let’s have fun with this one.  Only one entry per person this time, and Photoshop is allowed.  Remember, it DOES have to be you!  Email images to me at rachelf@hhcolorlab.com.  I will accept images until midnight on Monday, July 27.

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