Rush orders from our Photo Lab

H&H Photo Lab offers a rush service for those times when you need something right away.  If you select 100% rush in the ordering software, several things will happen:

  • Your order’s route sheet (the form that tells production where the order should go) will print red instead of the usual blue color.
  • The order will be put ahead of all orders in production and completed as quickly as possible.
  • It will likely ship out of the lab on the same day that it gets here if it arrives before the order entry cutoff time.
  • The shipping service used will be the quickest available for your area.  If your account usually gets 2-day FedEx service but you’re in an area which qualifies for standard overnight, you will get the rush order overnight.
  • The invoice amount will be doubled.

Because of all the changes that occur when you select a rush service, it’s very important to understand how quickly the order will move through production.  It is quite possible that you could upload a rush order and decide 30 minutes later that the rush isn’t necessary.  By then, it may be too late; the order could be complete.  For this very reason, it’s important to make sure you need the rush service (with our standard service times, you may not need to rush the order after all!)  If you are unsure, call customer service.  We’ll be happy to help you determine if this service is right for you and your client.

Our professional photo lab also provides many other photo services that will turn out your final digital prints at their best.

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