Returning home to H&H’s Photo Printing Lab

The convention travelers are all on the way home and will be back in the lab by tomorrow.  I’ll try to update when I get the lowdown from everyone.

As for the GPPA in Jekyll Island, GA, it was fun and crazy.  I had never heard of shrimp and grits before this trip, and I landed in the middle of the annual Shrimp and Grits Festival!  Yes, I tried them and yes, they were very good!

The speakers were phenomenal, too.  Lonnie Hoke and Karen Goforth both created a buzz yesterday.  Karen went too far, though.  She made folks CRY!  (myself included.)

Pictures from TX, Atlanta, Michigan, and Jekyll Island to come…

In the meanwhile, get a booklet made of your summer adventures from our professional photo printing lab today!

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