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Today’s Quick Tip is a super-easy step that can save you a LOT of time in your day-to-day workflow.  Have you ever forgotten to choose “sheet cut” for your wallets?  Have you ever accidentally chosen the wrong mount board from the drop-down menu?  If you use eZSuite and you’ve ever made a mistake on finishing services, then this tip is for you.

Open eZSuite and click “preferences” at the top bar of the application.  From the drop down menu, choose “print finishing preferences.”

This will open the preference dialog.  Choose “create a new preference set,” and then name the set.  You can have multiple sets of preferences, based on how you sell.  Today, we’ll set up just one, making a few assumptions.  For this set, we’ll assume that every print, 11×14 and larger, gets mounted to 3/16″ black gator and gets lustre coated.  We’ll also assume that 5×7 and 8×10 prints get lustre coated, and all wallets are sheet cut.
First, we choose all sizes that need to have default finishing services, using the scroll bar to find all offered sizes:

Then, you will choose all applicable finishing options for each size selected:

Again, note that there is a scroll bar.  Scroll to the right to find the trim options.  This is where you’ll find “sheet cut” for those rounded corners on your wallets:

After all of your options have been selected for the sizes that you offer, they will always apply to your orders, unless you make a change.
For instance, when wallets are selected from the size drop-down menu, sheet cut is automatically selected:

Of course, you can cancel that finishing service any time you like, if you have an order that is the exception for your studio.  Overall, if there is an finishing service that you “always” apply to a size, this can save countless key-strokes and menu searches, resulting in less time at the computer.
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