Professional Photo Lab Photographer Spotlight- Scott Hayne Photography

Today we turn the spotlight on Scott Hayne Photography.   Enjoy Scott’s awesome images while we tell you a little bit about who they are:

Scott and Adina Hayne approach everything in a fresh new way that really works.  It also makes folks sit up and take notice.
Scott left his courier business to follow this passion, which had been just a hobby since 1980.  Adina left her family’s business to handle contracts and marketing and other studio administrative duties.  They are becoming quite well known for the way they market in non-traditional ways, such as using FacebookTwitter, and through their blog.

Their sons Hunter and Austin also help keep this family business going, with Hunter shooting weddings with Scott, and Austin handling order fulfillment.  They need the help, too, since they grew from 4 weddings in 2007 to 37 weddings and 50 seniors in 2008!

Scott made history at SPA this year, winning both New artist of the Year AND Artist of the Year, as well as awards in both the girls folio and boy’s folio categories.

We asked them both for advice that they would give to new photographers.  Scott offered this: “I would encourage people to shoot how they feel.  Don’t go by the rules.  Develop your style.  It will be yours, people will seek you out for your look.  If you shoot what naturally comes to you, noone will be able to do it as you do-because it comes from the heart.”

Adina’s advice?  “Believe in yourself.  Don’t let the world tell you what you cannot do.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk.  Just because it doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  Have faith in yourself.”
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