H&H Color Lab’s Photo Frames A Big Hit

Last month, H&H made the announcement that photo frames were now available.  Our customers started asking for corner samples and then began placing orders for framed prints.

Recently, we’ve been getting some great positive feedback on these frames.  Below are a few examples:

“I received my frame corners in one afternoon and the very next day I sold TWO to the same client! OMG How can I ever thank you? Then…the butterflies flew out of the box when I opened them just now. Good grief my work looks stunning in the frames the client ordered! How exciting to know that they can go straight home and hang them up! So if that was not enough……they are boxed perfectly and ready for delivery! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!”Gwen Prichard

“It’s so nice to be able to order my print and frame from the same source and then have them returned to me 100% ready to deliver.
I delivered an H&H boxed frame yesterday and my customer just loved it … especially the nice delivery box with carrying handle.”
– Bridgette Harmon

“We just received our first frame in from H&H and I must tell you – it blew us away! Just having a final product ready to hand to the client is great, but there’s so much more than that. The frames are top notch and the assembly is way beyond what I could do in-house. Even the presentation case it comes in is killer!” – Scott and Adina Hayne

Thank you all for the feedback.  Our photo lab was excited about this addition and are happy that our customers are just as excited.  You can see our frame styles here, and corner samples are available simply by contacting our professional photography lab‘s customer service.

H&H Color Lab

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