Ooops! I need to cancel my order from your Professional Photo Lab!

Today we’re talking about canceling orders:

H&H has two full-time shifts.  If you upload an order on Saturday night, and realize that you need to cancel on Monday morning; it may be too late.  The night shift works on Sunday night, and your order may be printed before you contact customer service on Monday.  While we will make every effort to stop an order if you deem it necessary, it is not always possible to do so.

The next time you’re ready to place an order, check the order summary.  Make sure that you are ordering exactly what you need.  Make sure that you know the price of what you’re ordering.  (The prices are all available, simply by signing in to the website with your user name and password.)  Make sure that the sizes are correct, and the finishing services are what you had in mind.

This is simply another reason to verify everything before hitting the button to upload. After the order is uploaded, we are going to do everything that we can to get the order shipped to you as quickly as possible.  As our service times get faster, this becomes more important.

If you ever have a question or concern about an order, however, do not hesitate to contact customer service.  Our Professional Photo Lab’s dedicated staff will do everything we can to ensure the delivery of exactly what you need.

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