Mystery Machine-We Have a Winner!

It’s time for our first contest!  See below the image for the answer

We’ll be running various contests from time to time here on the blog.  Sometimes, you will photograph something and send it in.  With Mystery Machine, though, I’ll take the picture, (sorry in advance.)  All that you have to do is identify it.

For this contest, simply leave a comment below either naming this machine, or telling what it does.  The first comment with the correct answer will win a prize!  If you tell us both what it is called AND what it does, you win a prize PLUS a hearty “way to go!”

OK, you’re probably going to get both of those anyway.

Ready?  What is this mystery machine?

Although the majority of our orders are digital, we still process film and print from negatives.  This machine is used to cut and bag the film, placing individual negatives into glassines.

For being the first to comment with the correct answer, Tom Harrington (Harrington Photography) wins a free propack of 120 VPS film!  He obviously knows what to do with it.  Just kidding, Tom.  You win a metal License Plate.  Send an email to me, and I’ll get your coupon code to you.

Congratulations, Tom!

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