SEO and Keywords Just For Your Photography Website

Today, it seems that a large portion of the world seems to be searching for something online while the rest is working diligently at being found!  With exploding internet access around the globe, connecting people with very diverse backgrounds, the only real way to be noticed is through an online presence. Professional photographers, like other personal service providers, need to maximize the value of their web presence, as studio web sites are essential in order to sell your products and services in a connected world.

Being listed among the top few “hits” on search engine results can be achieved through careful consideration of your keywords and keyword phrases.  These are words that will direct the internet user to your website, thereby increasing your traffic and brand value. The keywords are not random words but are specific to the line of work and services you offer. Here are 5 basic tips for choosing just the right keywords for your studio website.

  1. What is Your Focus? That is the main message of your website. This unique message will begin to create a brand value for your photographs and photography skills. Note these words or phrases as they will be important keywords for your site. In addition, look for other related words that will direct visitors to your website.  Jot down all the words, phrases and terms that you might use to look for good photography websites and you will have developed a list that you should incorporate in your own content.
  2. Search engine: Before creating content for your photography website, do a mock search on various search engines. Use the various keywords and phrases that you have listed to see what kind of websites come up in the results. Fine tune your keywords based on the results generated. When you spot a new word, make note of it. Similarly remove the ones that are irrelevant or lead to unrelated sites. Once you have narrowed down your list, check the effectiveness of your words and phrases by using a keyword program like the one at  Click the link and get some good keyword ideas.  Then type the words and Google will give you the average number of people who search that phrase per month and much, much more.
  3. Words, Words and More Words: What are the various products or services you offer for sale through your website? If only photographs, then use those words more often, but if you also offer photo books, greeting cards, digital files or other unique services or products, make sure to frequently include those words in your final content.  Also, remember that users might not use simple, “silver bullet” search terms so try to incorporate other words that are related to photography. Words like nature, wedding, children, birthdays, memories, locations, interiors, design, portfolio, names, albums and so on. Remember, there is little reward here for “almost,” so check your spelling!
  4. Photographs: If your site is going to have more images than text, then you should take the trouble to embed your images with keywords. Software packages like Adobe Photoshop allow photographers to incorporate text or words into the photograph. When a keyword is entered in the search engine, these images will be included in the hit list, which will in turn bring visitors to your site. This also comes in handy when uploading pictures to many stock sites, where only one keyword is allowed on each image. When saving images in jpeg format, make the changes, embed the text and then save as a jpeg file.
  5. Content: Finally, although keywords are extremely important for search engine optimization, keep your content relevant rather than flooding it with keywords. It’s a good idea to maintain an upper limit on keyword or phrase usage of 50-60 times in the website.

Of course, the overarching goal is to be found, but it all starts with an understanding and careful attention to your message and brand positioning.  Incorporating these suggestions will help you get started on the right track and allow those new customers to easily find you through simple and effective search optimization. For more tips on SEO, please visit Optima Worldwide’s Web Presence Management Blog.

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