Easier Photo Printing with New Design Tools: eZsuite II Just Released!

Our first release of eZsuite II is now available for free download. This release contains all of our newest products and upgrades including an introductory release of eZsuite design tools. These tools are being created to save your studio time and frustration when designing composite prints and many of our press and specialty products. You will love the trim and safety guides which are now visible as you design your product line. No more designing with a PSD guide and flattening your design before placing the order.

Not only will this software allow for individual color correction of your images, it also currently offers the following tools:

· Spell check capabilities

· Stroke lines, drop shadows, masks, and image tint

· The ability to use most fonts residing on your computer

· An export feature to show low-res versions to your client for approval

· Themes to apply to a variety of products for consistency in studio product lines (more to come soon!)

This software is free to H&H customers and will install over your current version of eZsuite. Simply log into our website using your user ID and password, and then go to the “ordering software” link on the left. A quick install will have you up and designing in no time!

Start using our professional photo lab‘s design tools today and look for many new features and additions to these tools coming very soon!

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