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Marketing tips with Teri Ritter:

We’re hearing it everywhere; times are tough, and discretionary spending has taken a hit.  How do photographers make the most of these times and position our businesses for short term and long term gains?  I have some tips to assist in that effort.

Although I’ve never believed in spending a great deal of money in marketing per se’, I do believe in basic, grass roots marketing.  It takes effort and a little money, but the benefits are many. It also solidifies your business within the community.

What is grass roots marketing?  It is getting involved in community events, providing products, providing services, and displaying your work throughout the community in various venues.  By giving of yourself and your talents, what you get back far outweighs the effort – if you do it strategically.

McDonald’s restaurants built their business on grass roots marketing years ago.  It continues to be a requirement that the franchise owner of each restaurant spend a specific amount of money within the community – giving back.

Here are some thought starters……

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Work with a local nursery school, church or similar venue and have a day where you set up and photograph quick shots of kids at no charge.  Provide them with a 5×7, free of charge.  When you set up for the pick up of the prints, show the others you took that day.  Do this in a way that it is a service, not a sale. Trust me; you will get additional sales out of this.  The word will spread on the quality of your work, and those people that can afford family portraits will look for you because of your efforts within the community.

Seek out a local charity and provide photography services or products for them.  Set up programs that can result in raising money for this charity.  Make certain that your logo and name are always visible in your efforts.  This insures that people make the connection between your good will efforts and your business.

In these times, loyalty is building and people are getting more ingrained at a community level.  Be sure that you become a very active part in the community within which you do business.  The benefits are not only financial, but you’ll feel good too!

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