Five Fab Add-ons for Photoshop

Mary Walton has been kind enough to give us another guest blog post!  Mary is the owner of Photography 818 near Joplin, Missouri. She specializes in senior portraits, weddings and sporting events. Mary is married with a teenager and a tweenager; she’s a rabid scrapbooker and knitter. You can find her at, or follow her on Twitter @thetechnodiva.  Take it away, Mary!

I love the post-production work I do. For me it’s fun and I get to create a piece of artwork for my clients. I primarily use Photoshop (occasionally I’ll use Painter) and I’ve found a few add-ons to Photoshop that I just can’t live without now.

My caveat is to use them sparingly… Don’t try to pass off bad photography as “art” by over-using these tools. 😉

1. Mulletgod’s Actions

I found these actions while perusing Flickr one day. His Vintage Gold action called my name. I knew it would be a fabulous action to use on a wedding album I was working on — and I was right!

I took this First Look image and gave it a warm, retro look with the Vintage Gold action.

2. Pioneer Woman Actions

The much-beloved Pioneer Woman actions are a life saver for me some days. I especially love her Quick Edge Burn and the Eye Pop action is indispensible!

This fun image of Jenn was livened up with Fresh ‘n Colorful then I added a subtle edge burn to finish it off.

3. My Defog Action

Everything looks better without fog. I created this quick little pick-me-up to run on one photo or batch run on 1,000. It’s quick, easy and you can download it from my site.

The defog makes the details on Andria’s dress pop without over-sharpening the image.

4.On One Presets for Camera Raw

Love, love, love! Open your raw image, play with the presets and go. It’s easy, customizable and comes with a reset feature if you don’t love the outcome.

I gave Kristen’s image a soft ethereal look with the WOW-Antique 7, then I adjusted the magenta and blue saturation sliders to give extra definition to her lips and jewelry.

5. OptikVerve Virtual Photographer

My favorite editing secret is a great plug-in by OptikVerve. I This little freebie is an amazing powerhouse! It comes with presets for color and black & white effects, but it’s easy to create your own unique looks and save them as custom presets.

I took Autumn’s image and gave it a soft, dreamy black and white treatment.

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