Professional Photo Lab Employee Spotlight – Kyle Walker

Today we turn the employee spotlight on Kyle Walker, our photo lab’s second shift squadron leader:

professional photo lab employee

Kyle joined the H&H team in September of 2005 after the Marine Corps brought him to the Kansas City area.  He settled in Overland Park, KS but has lived all over the United States thanks to his childhood as a “military brat.”

He enlisted in the Marines right after graduating from high school in Alabama.  During this time, he spent 9 months serving our country in Iraq.

Kyle enjoys photography, but has a passion for Supercross, which is indoor dirt bike racing.  His favorite adrenaline rush is flying 20 feet into the air holding onto a 250lb dirt bike.  We’ll have to take your word for it on that one, Kyle!

I asked him what his favorite part of working here at H&H is, and he had the following to say:  “Pictures tell a thousand words, and for some people, document the past.  Knowing that I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into something that impacts people’s lives is amazing.”

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