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Photography is an art, no doubt, but being able to market and attract customers who yearn to employ their services is a talent that not many have mastered.  With the advent of digital technology, everyone is going the e-way in promoting their products and services. The most basic of which, for professional photographers, is email marketing, gradually moving towards utilizing the Social media forum to establish one’s photography skills and invite new projects and customers.
A good email list, well leveraged, can grow reader loyalty. Hearing from you again and again with good content reminds readers of your value, especially if they heed your advice. Here are five pointers one must keep in mind before diving into the world of email marketing.
  1. Purpose: Email marketing is all about sending out emails or newsletters to a select group of people who will function as messengers for your photographs and services. So make sure to understand how it works before signing on. How often do you intend to send out email blasts? In order to become a viable“information channel,” set a time frame and stick to it to achieve effective results.
  2. Content: Identify the content to be provided. Do a survey in order to learn about other offerings by photographers and create your own niche.  Value for money is what the customer expects, so prioritize and send out only relevant information and tips. People who subscribe to your newsletter will expect something more, maybe a series of top tips, “how tos” or special discounts on selected products or services.
  3. Tools: When just starting out, developing an email campaign and following up with timely and thoughtful replies can seem overwhelming. For this reason, consider signing up with a company such as iContact, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor or Benchmark. These programs will help to build your email list so you can, more easily, send more emails to a growing list of people. They can help you more easily create attention-grabbing, successful emails for a lot less than you’d pay a professional, and show you reports so you know what’s working and what’s not. Some even allow you to create surveys and generate charts and graphs, all of which will give you invaluable information.  In addition, many of these offerings also offer free webinars and excellent tools that allow you to quickly learn how to use and develop an effective e-mail campaign.
  4. Themes: Since you are going to send out email blasts at least on a monthly basis, create themes and follow a trend for your mailers. This will increase the popularity of your mails and invite more requests for your product and services. In wedding season, send out tips on photography for weddings, such as different technical or environmental settings one can use, and so on. If a holiday is around the corner, give your readers unique gift ideas and even include a small discount for customers on various products.
  5. Database: With every email blast that goes out, you will have new contacts built through existing customers. It is important to manage your database of all these customers and keep them updated. This is the only way the email marketing venture will prove useful for you as a photographer, it will add value to your business, increase clientele and build your brand.

Finally, understand what spam is.  Spam isn’t just what ends up in someone’s spam or junk folder.  Become aware of the “Can Spam Act” by visiting for information and be sure to read your email service providers spam policies. With all these things in mind, remember that the bottom-line for a successful email marketing venture can be summed up in three simple words -“Keep in Touch”!

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