Dude, Where’s My Photo Lab Order?

Did you know that you can check on the status of an order, simply by logging in to the studio portion of our website?  Most studios use this tool frequently, but many do not quite understand what all of the status abbreviations are.  I hope to clear that up today!

digital photo prints prder

Below is a list of possible stops for your order, and a brief description about what’s going on at that time.

ORDER EN – This means our order has been received. It is in “order entry” and is being made ready for production.

RET – This is our art and retouching department.  Some orders make a stop there, even if you haven’t ordered art.  For example, if you order a scan from a negative, the order goes to retouching to have any dust spots removed.

DIG – Your order, when the status reads “dig,” is in the digital department. It is usually in transition between order entry and printing, or it’s been sent back into production by customer service.

PRT – At this stop, the order is at the printer and is either ready to be printed, or being printed at that time.

DGTL LRG PRINTG – This is the stop that an order makes for prints larger than 11×14.

PRINT FINISH – The “print finish” status often follows the large printing.  This is when prints, larger than 11×14, get mounted, textured and coated.  Canvas and other specialty finishes are applied to all sizes here.

BILLING – Once in billing, your order is complete, and ready to be invoiced.

INVOICED – If you see this status before 4 pm, you can feel confident that the order is shipping that same day.  If it is after 4 pm CST, you should call customer service to ensure shipment.

SHIPPED – If you are a local customer who picks up orders at the front counter, your order is ready for you.  If we ship your order, this means it is in the hands of FedEx.  If you see this status for an order, you’ll find that the word “shipped” is a hyperlink, which will take you to a manifest page.  Here you’ll find the FedEx tracking number, which is also a hyperlink.  It will direct you to the FedEx tracking page, letting you keep track of your orders even after they’ve left the lab!

SER – This is probably the status that causes the most concern, and it really shouldn’t.  This means your order is in the customer service department, which doesn’t always mean there is a problem.  If there is, we will call you to discuss options.  Often, though, customer service moves orders right back into production without a call being necessary.

If ever you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to call customer service.  We will be happy to discuss your order with you, and give further details about where it is in the process.  This is especially important if you need to guarantee delivery by a certain date.  Customer service can watch an order and make sure that you get it in time to meet your commitment to your client.

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