Professional Photo Lab Department Spotlight – Black Tie Press

Our Black Tie Press department is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing areas of the photo lab.  It is growing in both the volume of orders moving through, as well as expanding in size here at H&H.  A large variety of products are produced within this area of our photography lab, from coffee table books to trader cards and from skinny minis to photo proof plans.

For photographic covers, folded and 2-sided cards, gift cards and most other press printed items, you’ll find psd guides on the website, to insure you get everything just as you expected.  Simply go to our Products and Services page and select Black Tie Press.  Then, use these guides as the base for your design and any guess work is removed.

professional photo lab - photo album department

Images by Blair Phillips Photography and Ridgeway Portrait Design

We also have web classes to help with tips for designing, and even offer graphics and templates during peak seasonal ordering periods.  Our next class is offered on May 5 at 10:15 am CDT, and these web classes are always offered free of charge to H&H customers.

Take advantage of the opportunity to make the process of designing and ordering Black Tie Press products as easy as possible by taking our free online training classes.  Also keep in mind that each press product that you send out the door should be considered a marketing piece, since your logo will be part of the design.

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