Professional Photography Lab Customer Spotlight – Nick Wheeler

Today we turn our photo lab’s customer spotlight on Nick Wheeler of Once Upon a Lifetime Photography.

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Nick began in this family business by helping his dad, Jeff, on photo shoots.    When he started making suggestions, Jeff threw him a camera and said, “show me.”  Not only did Nick show him, but it was also the beginning of something big.

With an affinity for photographing seniors, Nick works to use light in unique and creative ways to differentiate his work from the mainstream.  Working with his parents in the family business helps him to realize that this differentiation is their livelihood.

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Nick is inspired by photographers such as Kirk Voclain and Gary Box.  This inspiration is born of their consistency in posing, lighting and color.  If he could offer a piece of advice to others in the business, it would be “Never quit learning.”  This attitude has helped Nick to earn several awards, including a first and second place at LightPro and a boys folio award at this years SYNC.

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Nick partners with H&H Color Lab because of the “consistency in quality, as well as for the relationships and customer service.”  Nick, we consider it an honor to be trusted with your business.

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