Convention Mention-notes from the photography trade shows

This past weekend was a busy one for H&H!  There was the MARC convention in Decatur, IL, and the Western States convention in Pasadena, CA.  We were at both, taking the opportunity to meet our clients face-to-face and show off some new products.

Sharon Jegen and Teri Ritter attended the Western States show, which was in the brand new exhibit hall in the Pasadena Convention Center. What an amazing venue!  They’ve done a great job with the expansion.  About 2000 folks attended the trade show, and the speakers were outstanding.  Sharon and Teri showed off our new Album cover options and metals, as well as many other new products.

Meanwhile, in Decatur, Cassie Cameron, Bruce Roberts, Terry Tuggle and I visited with our friends in the middle of the country at MARC.  The metal booth was a big hit, as were the float frame metals and the Fuji Pearl gallery wrap.  This was the first year for this convention, and it seemed to go quite well.  Next year, MARC will move to Indiana.

This weekend beings the Heart of America convention and trade show.  Here in Kansas City this year, HOA is a regional convention for Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.  It is close enough to enable H&H to send a variety of customer service representatives, all of whom want the chance to visit with customers in person.  If you are within driving distance and haven’t seen our cool new products, please come by and see us!

Now, I leave you with this scene from MARC, because you never know what you’ll find near the H&H booth:

Isn’t that just ducky?
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