Most of you are probably familiar with Bentley Skeie and Jeff Locklear, our “digital guys.”  They teach classes at H&H University, travel to various parts of the country to offer instruction, and can be found at many conventions.  They’re the guys that we go to for digital help.

These guys help solve problems with cameras, PC, Mac, mobile phones, GPS, or anything else electronic.  They are our resident geeks, and they make our jobs easier.

However, being the resident geeks brings merciless teasing upon them.  They take it well, though.  Where am I going with this?  A contest, of course! Call it a jump drive, a thumb drive, or a USB drive, most of us have one.  Some even have two!

Guess what?  Our resident geeks have more than 2.  Surprised?  I didn’t think so.  If you put their flash drives together in a pile, how many would there be?  The first one with the right answer wins a prize.  Bonus accolades if you guess how much storage these drives represent.

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