Our Photo Lab is Coming Soon to a City Near You!

Everybody at our professional photo lab loves to travel to conventions, seminars, and conferences! It’s a great chance to meet face-to-face with folks that we typically only get to have telephone conversations with. Because we love this opportunity so much, we decided to split up and travel all over the country this month!

Please come and see us if you’re in any of the following areas:

Texas PPA Southwest Regional Convention-Arlington, TX

This event will go from September 18-22. Join Jeff and Kim Locklear at the H&H booth (number 307.) They will have door prizes, coupon codes, and great secret giveaways to those following us on Twitter!

Georgia State PPA Convention-Jekyll Island, GA

Join me (Rachel Fierro) for a great convention at an incredible location September 19-22! Lonnie Hoke and Karen Goforth will each be speaking, and I’ll have giveaways and coupon codes available if you come and see me at the trade show in booth 31/32. I, too, will have secret giveaways for our Twitter followers.

PPM Fall Training Camp-Thompsonville, MI

Join Teri Ritter and Bruce Roberts at Crystal Mountain Resort for more giveaways and coupon codes at the trade show. This conference runs September 20-22. Scott and Adina Hayne will be speaking and you won’t want to miss this one.

WPPI Road Trip-Atlanta, GA

Michelle Gabbert will be hitting the road with WPPI for this stop on their road trip on September 21. Kirk Voclain will be speaking and there will be an H&H table, where Michelle will have her own set of coupon codes and door prizes.

PPANJ Evermay Program-Monroe Township, NJ

Although our photo lab can’t get to this one, we are happy to announce that Blair Phillips will be speaking on September 21, and we found a way to get some free prizes there, even in our absence! You won’t want to miss it.

KPPA Fall Seminar-Topeka, KS

Jeff Locklear will attend this event on September 28, where Scott and Adina Hayne will be speaking. You’ve probably guessed by now that he’ll be bringing several things to give away.

H&H University on the Road-Benton, KY

Gwen Moss Photography is hosting this event on September 28, where Bentley Skeie and Terry Tuggle will bring H&H University to you! Bentley will discuss workflow solutions, and Terry will have some awesome coupon codes and prizes.


The first person to find an H&H representative at any of these events and say, “I read about this on the blog,” will get a free dog tag!

See when our professional photography lab will be in your area by reading our monthly newsletters!

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