Check out our photography webinars!

Have you attended an H&H webinar?  What an inexpensive opportunity for training without the travel!

Llew Wenzel will be teaching you how to capture an image like this:

Before picture of a sports group photo

And offer your client a poster like this:

After picture of the same group shot, digitally enhanced, in a poster format

Find out how on July 21!

Another webinar, on July 22 will be hosted by Bruce Hudson.  He will show you how to sell large wall portraits.  Wouldn’t your clients like to have the opportunity to display their family portrait like this:

Large family portrait over the mantel

And wouldn’t you be excited to get them away from saying that they’d like to order that “big 8×10?”

Join our professional photo lab for either of these webinars by signing up here.  In fact, the university page of our web site offers many opportunities for online training sessions.

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