Boosting Sales with School Photography

Summer is the time to move your school business forward by reinforcing existing contacts and by making new contacts.  Because this is the time of year when employees step into new positions, your point of contact may change.   So be sure to determine who your contact is and reinforce that relationship via mail, email or a personal visit.  Bringing small gifts of cookies or a small personalized product like a mug, etc. can go a long way!

Offer a variety of products that are new and compelling.  People are looking for things that are different than the ordinary school package.  Key chains, mouse pads, dry erase boards, mugs, etc. create add-on sales opportunities.  Be sure to include images of the products in your promotional materials, as well as providing samples to your key contacts to show off before picture day.

Offering a variety of techniques and poses allows you to differentiate yourself and build your average check:

  • Sepia, black and white, color and tinting can be set up as actions, which only take seconds to process, and can add dollars to your bottom line.
  • Photograph two frames per child and then crop to create a total of 4 images to select from.
  • Photograph with different poses than the classic direct front head and shoulders image.

Yes, this is a little more work, but you cannot get complacent in this competitive industry or your business will die a slow death.

Be sure to offer retouching for an additional price.   Different levels are a good way to approach this: Basic (light blemishes,) moderate (light blemishes, scars, tone,) and extensive (braces removal, teeth whitening and more.)

Make money while you are out on another job – offer “after sale” opportunities via!  Here you can offer additional products as well as a-la-carte prints.  Use email or skinny minis to direct people to your branded storefront.

If you aren’t shooting schools, think about it.  Schools offer a serious income stream and it isn’t as complicated as one might imagine.  Contact the experts at H&H to learn how you can go about getting into the school segment of the photographic industry!

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