Behind the scenes in our photo lab’s customer service dept – the phone system

Most of our photo lab’s customers talk to a customer service representative occasionally, and some call us at least once per day. Unless you ask for someone specific, your call goes through our system for the “first available”representative.

When someone takes a tour of our photo lab, they always find this board interesting, so I thought it might be fun to share with you how this system works.

professional photo lab customer service

There is a software program that sends the calls to the next available customer service representative. In the customer service area of the lab, there are two large screens to help us monitor calls. If we need to leave our desk for any reason, a quick glance will let us know if it is a good time to do so.

So, what does this mean? I’ll explain:

When we leave our desk, we are “unavailable” to take calls, and our line is grey.

When we are available to take a a call, our line is green.

When our phone is ringing, our line is yellow.

When we are on a call, our line is blue.

The top section shows how many calls are holding, how many people are available to take calls, how many are currently on their phone, and the amount of time a call has been holding.

The bottom section gives the same information about the receptionist lines.

This phone board represents only a percentage of the customer service support team here at H&H, so there are more phone lines and support representatives available, even when all of these shown are busy on calls.

By monitoring this screen we are able to respond more quickly to waiting calls and it has helped us to reduce the amount of time our customers spend “on hold”.

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