Back Up Your Photography Projects!

Red apples and a chalkboard make you think of school . . . H&H's photo lab has the perfect packages for school pictures

It’s that magical time of year.  The shine on the floors and the smell of chalk.  It’s lunch boxes and backpacks and new shoes.  It is also time for SCHOOL PICTURE DAY!  Many of you are already shooting schools, and others are preparing to shoot.

Today we’re talking about backing up your eZEvent projects.  Everyone knows how important it is to back up ALL files.  Everyone knows, but many put it off or forget it entirely.  That’s a whole entry for another day.  This is specific to eZEvent.  Some stages call for a hi-res backup, and some only require a low-res backup.

Here are the times that you should backup your projects, saving yourself major heartache and expense if something goes wrong down the road:

  • After cleaning up and importing the schools data and printing camera cards. Yes, the first backup should happen before the day of the shoot. (low res)
  • After importing images and/or scanner data. (hi res)
  • After editing images and data. (low res)
  • After any subsequent imports. (hi res)

Each year we have more than one studio call in to say that something as gone horribly wrong and that they have messed up an entire school project in a big way.  The first question they ask is always, “Is there any way to get it back?”  Our first follow-up question is always going to be, “When did you last back up the project?”  If you’ve backed up at all of the above times, you’ll be in much better shape to recover from problems.

Then when you’re ready to print, check out our professional photo lab‘s school printing packages and choose the one that’s right for you.

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