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photo lab newsletter - october 2011
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Scanner Rentals Flyer Design
October Specials Web Wednesdays
H&H On The Road Supply Order Form

Scanner Rental Program

photo lab product scanner rental program
Optican Scanner

Many of our school photographers have that one or two jobs each year during which they have more camera setups than is normal for them.  If you are scanning during school shoots, and need an extra or backup scanner for this situation, we now have a solution for you!

Simply notify customer service that you need an additional backup scanner and give them the date(s) of the shoot.  We will send a scanner (or two, if necessary) and bill your account for the full amount of the scanner, $195 each, plus shipping.  When it is returned, your H&H account will be issued a credit for the scanner cost, less the rental fee.

The cost of a rental scanner is $30 for up to 15 consecutive days, including weekends.  If you rent one scanner, your account will be charged $195 for the scanner, plus $5 for shipping.  When we receive it back within the 15 day period, we will credit your account $165 after deducting the $30 rental fee.

Included with the scanner will be an instruction sheet, a sync slate barcode, usb cable, and a FedEx billable stamp for return shipping.  Scanners will be checked for verification that they are in good working condition before being shipped out, and upon return.

These rental scanners are intended to be used as backups. There is a limit of two rental scanners at a time per account, and at least one scanner must have been purchased prior to renting.  Scanner rentals are subject to availability, and may be reserved in advance through customer service.

Pre-pay &Proof Plan Flyer Design

school photography proof plan
Proof Plan
school portrait photographyPrepay Flyer
Prepay Flyer

Pre-pay flyers and proof plans are similar in many ways. They both show packages, package prices, add-on items and studio information. They both have order forms for the end consumer to mark their choices and tear-off envelopes for payment. The main difference between the two types of flyers is whether the images of the student/player being photographed are shown on the flyer or not.

Pre-pay flyers show stock images in the add-on items and do not show actual proofs of the student or player. They are ordered in bulk and handed out before the shoot and returned to the photographer on picture day with the form filled out and payment enclosed.

Proof plans are not printed until after the students or players have been photographed. Each student or player will receive a flyer showing his/her images in both the proofs and add-on items. Many common text fields such as first and last names, teacher, grade, sport, school, and many more can be automated to fill in from data provided in your eZevent job. This helps reduce confusion with reading handwriting and also makes it quicker and easier for parents to fill out the form.

The H&H Design Center can help with your school and sports pre-pay flyer and proof plan design needs. If you would like to request a flyer design, simply fill out our flyer design form.

You can customize as much or as little on each flyer design as you like. There are different fees for design based on how much is customized. If you would like to use the stock packages, prices and add-on items in the flyer designs shown on our site, just enter “Same as Stock” in each package field in the Package Contents area and then choose “Keep all add-on items same as stock design” under the Add-On Items heading.

The service time for pre-pay flyer design is 3 days. Once we receive design approval, we place the initial order for you. The full-resolution files will also be sent to you for placing future orders whenever needed.

Proof plan service times are split into two phases; design and setup. Each phase has its own service time; design is 5 days and setup is 3. Once the final approval for setup is received we send the eZevent files via email so you can place your flyer orders.






October Specials!

photo lab deals on photo framingphoto lab deals on dsigner holiday cards for photographersdvds for photographersDVD Slide Shows – Boost your sales with this 40% discount

  • 40% off
  • order using eZsuite
  • Expires December 31, 2011
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Web Wednesdays

october 2011 online photography classes for photographers

Be sure to check our October web classes.  We are featuring Christmas card classes and Christmas gift items– there are some good things you don’t want to miss!

Ordering Supplies

Did you know that ordering supplies from H&H is as easy as a click of your mouse?  Just go to our supplies order form, make your selections, and click submit.  Your request immediately arrives at H&H for processing!  Using our web supply order form offers you quick, easy access 24-hours a day, helps assure accuracy of your order, and allows you to view the most updated suppy selections.Make it a habit to order all your supplies using this convenient, accurate and efficient web ordering form!!

H&H Supports Education Throughout the Country – See Who H&H Is Bringing To Your Area

H&H has led the industry in providing education for Professional Photographers for over 40 years.  H&H University was the first of its kind developed to improve our industry through providing continuous education.

While education has grown and evolved through the years, H&H remains committed to bringing you the best education available to assist you in developing your business.  Please check out the upcoming opportunities with H&H speakers for this fall!

The Get In Motion Tour will be visiting 40 cities through November 30, 2011.  Visit their site for cities, dates, and more information.

Super Monday class coming to H&H October 24th!  Don’t miss TJ from Larissa Photography speaking on SEO for Photographers.  Go to the PPA website for details and to sign up.

H&H is also proud to sponsor Graphic Authority Design Workshops. Judy Host is teaching attendees how to create and enhance their fine art work using Graphic Authority tools.  Their web site contains information for the city and date closest to you.

Our popular Jumpstart Programs are coming to California!

Whether you are just starting sports/school photography or are wanting to grow your business, this seminar can help increase your sales.

JumpStart Sports and Schools is focused on providing both the new sports and school photographer and the established photography studio insight into running and growing a strong, professional sports or school photography business.  These fast paced, grass roots seminars will show you, step by step, how to sign a youth sports league and/or school contract PLUS step you through a successful photo day.

John PittmanFrank HarrisonJeff Edwards, and Jim Seers have over 100 combined years in photographing youth sports leagues and schools.  Based on real world best practices, these industry top sports and school educators will share their experience with you!

For more information go to our Class Schedule page-look under classes on the road.

Blair Phillips will have his Break the Mold Workshop in Landis, NC on October 10-11, and again on November 14-15.  This non-stop, hands-on workshop covers workflow, lighting and posing, Photoshop and much more.  For more information or to register, call 704-855-3656.

Upcoming Conventions

November 13-14, 2011Ohio Fall Conference
Hilton Polaris
Columbus, OH
Kevin Hudson will be speaking

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