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h&h color lab focus newsletter - february 2012

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February Specials Upcoming Specials
Inspire Page Improved Posters
eZevent 8 Album Cover Changes
Spring School Program New Products
Web Wednesday Save The Date
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February JanSpecialsSpecials!
Specials expire February 29

 canvas gallery wraps
16×16 and larger Canvas Gallery Wraps – 25% Discount (with our dynamic sizing, you are not tied down to specific print sizes for this special!)

  • Order using eZsuite
  • Inkjet Canvas or Pearl Gallery Wraps included
  • Coupon Code: CanvasGalleryWrap

Slim Wraps – 25% Discount

slim gallery wraps

  • Order using eZsuite
  • Mount cost included in discount
  • Pearl (glossy) or Velvet Touch (matte) included
  • Coupon Code: SlimWrap


Album Samples – 50% off Studio Samples

Printed Leather Photo Album Cover
  • eZsuite: use coupon code SampleAlbum2012
  • LabPrints: contact customer service for discount
  • Limit 5 per account
  • Sample albums will be stamped on the inside of the back cover as pictured below:

photo album design services 

When ordering albums as studio samples, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. If you plan to use our design/print/bind service, order forms and images must be received by our design team by Tuesday, February 14th and the approval must be received by Tuesday February 28th. (Design cost not included in special.)



soft cover photo yearbooks

Soft-Cover Yearbooks – Give approval for final printingbetween February 15 and April 15, or between June 15 and August 15, and receive an automatic 15% discount on quantities over 50!

No coupon code needed!




FutureSpecialsUpcoming Specials!

For your planning, here is our upcoming eZsuite print special schedule.  These are some of our tried and true customer favorites!  These are posted on our home page with details of our offers.  But our specials will not be just limited to these products!  Be sure to check our web site and emails for new product introductory offers and other seasonal and convention specials!  Now is the time to update your studio samples.


2 for 1 Print Special

Metals 16×16 or larger – 25% discount

Metal Float Frames – 20% discount

Wallet Special

  • 48-1000 wallets of the same image
  • Standard luster paper   .12 cents each
  • Econo luster paper  .09 cents each
  • Standard pearl paper  .15 cents each
  • Econo pearl paper  .10 cents each

Designer Card Special – Buy one set of 24 cards and receive 24 cards free (March 1 – March 15)


2 for 1 print special

Wallet Special

Large Canvas Prints – 25% off

Image Blocks – 20% off

Jewelry – 25% off select pieces



InspireCheck Out Our Inspire Page!

We have added some great new content to the Inspire page of our website! In our ongoing quest to make running your photography business easier, H&H has released a new initiative to help make sure photographers stay current with their websites. Using our video tutorials, you should be able to have a professional WordPress website ready to show the public in less than an hour!

wordpress for photographers

H&H has also created four unique (and free!) WordPress themes developed specifically with photographers in mind. The themes are minimalist and geared toward displaying a portfolio, letting your photography shine. Each theme is extremely simple to install and use, and did we mention free?

Keep an eye out for new, photography-specific WordPress plugins from H&H in the future!  Check all of our WordPress tutorials for photographers in the INSPIRE section of our website, or get more info from our blog post announcing our WordPress themes for photographers and let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions.



PostersNew Look and Feel for Press Printed Posters
  school photo lab

We have made a change to our press printed posters.  The pearl paper has changed from from 100# cover to 110# cover, and the satin has changed from 80# cover to 110# cover.  This results in an improved look and feel to all of our posters.



eZevent8eZevent 8.0 is released!

eZevent 8.0 is the latest and most feature-filled version of eZevent software in a long time.  We hope you’ll take a minute to read through these features.

  • Automated class composites – Use studio-designed backgrounds and avoid per class setup charges when class composite designs fit this predefined layout
  • New Project Setup & Reports option: “Subject images and data” report assists the studio in visually verifying subject data.
  • HiRes Preload feature provides:
    • One upload of High Res images from a project.  Once images are preloaded to H&H from an eZevent project, orders are only a zipped up  text file for faster uploading of orders
    • Retouching is archived and used on all following orders – including Yearbook CDs
    • Green Screen – Simplifies green screen order management to take advantage of paying for knock out once but using those knock out PNG images on following orders.  Following orders that share images with an order being knocked out are automatically held at order entry and released when the knocked out PNG images are made available after assembly so you can send multiple orders in at once
    • Check out our videos on this feature
  • One install for XP, Vista, and Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit
  • 4×10 package insert
    • Clarify names and show previews of 4×10 inserts
    • Ezevent now checks the aspect ratio of the studio background image to be sure it matches the 4×10 insert selected
  • Added ability to scan green screen proof plan packages and backgrounds into eZevent
  • New products added
    • 10×20 pano print
    • Academy studio background trader card
    • 8×10 Gallery print template
    • New Admin CD “SchoolTool by Mindex”
    • Personalized overlay – added “white glow text” option to provide a better overlay option that will show on all images
    • Monogrammed dog tags (without image)
    • Ceramic Mug templates
  • Added ability to import data from Photolynx Camlynx software
  • Misc bug and UI spelling fixes

Note:  Because of the upgrades in this version of software, eZevent 8.0 will be a separate install from all previous versions of eZevent.

  • You may keep all your previous projects in your previous version of eZevent or you may choose to export some projects and import them into eZevent 8.0
  • We recommend that you start all new projects in eZevent 8.0
  • You will need to setup your studio information and configurations in eZevent 8.0
  • You may migrate your package setups to eZevevent 8.0
  • You may copy any proof plan or ID card setups into eZevent 8.0
  • You may still run and order on previous versions of eZevent while you start new projects and run eZevent 8.0
  • H&H will discontinue support for eZevent 7.8.65 and earlier in February 2012

Album Cover ChangesAlbumCovers

In an effort to provide you with the most “fashion forward” albums possible, we will be introducing eleven new album covers and phasing out some current covers during the next several months.

Keep this in mind when ordering your studio samples….avoid those covers that we will be phasing out and be sure to add some of our new updated covers to your studio sample collection!

Here is an overview of upcoming changes:

Genuine Leather

  • No changes – will remain as is!

Premium Leather

  • Coming in February, we will be adding the following new fashion colors to our premium leathers: Navy, Grape, Too Too Pink and Fawn
  • Effective June 30, 2012, we will discontinue Gold, Green, Forest Green, Magenta and Sky Blue

Embossed Exotics – Our newest leather album cover line

  • Also watch for our newest line of embossed exotic leathers coming in February! This collection will include spectacular colors and materials as: Blueberry Croc, Silver Ostrich, Raspberry Python, Tangerine Python, Taupe Python, Copper Python, and Gunmetal Python
  • Effective June 30, 2012, we will discontinue Eggplant Croc and Lime Croc.

Luxury Fashion Synthetics

  • Effective June 30, 2012, all current luxury fashion synthetics will be discontinued – please stay tuned as we are actively looking to add new synthetics to our album cover lines in the next few months!


  • Acrylic albums are now in eZsuite.  These are simply stunning and you will want to add them to your album line.

 acrylic photo albums

As a reminder, we are offering a 50% off studio sample albums during February…..a great time to stock up on new album samples for your studio!!!

GreenSpringSpring School Photography Program
  school photo lab

Set yourself apart from the same old school spring program that is presented year after year!  From the sets, the lighting, the backgrounds, the products, the marketing materials and the multiple pose selections from just one image, your competition will not be able to even get close!

Take time to read through our complete green screen school spring program to see if it will work for you!

iPhonePanoBooksIntroducing New Products

Photographic Pano Books-Coming Soon

 pano books

Add a new niche in your product line with the H&H Photographic Pano Book.  These books answer the need for something in between a photographic album and a press-printed coffee table book. Printed on photographic paper, these hardback photo-cover books feature thin pages that are full panos-(no seams!)

Available with matte or glossy cover, these photo pano books come in 19 different sizes.  They service time is only 2 days in-house, and the shipping is free.

pano book covers

New Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Searching for a new platform to display your latest creative effort? There are a thousand ways you can utilize our stylish iphone cover to broadcast your studio’s sales and visual impact. And whether it’s simply using this chic protective cover as a frame for a customer’s portrait or as a promotional premium, including your studio’s logo and contact information, there’s no better way to do a shout out of your artistic talent!

custom photo iphone case

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Web WebWednesdayWednesdays
calendar of online photography classesBe sure to check our February web classes.  We are featuring three guest speakers this month on some very interesting topics!  You don’t want to miss these!

Don’t forget our recorded classes that you can watch them any time you want. Software, product, workflow, and marketing training videos are available 24/7 on our website– Check them out!

SaveSaveTheDate the Date!

Jumpstart School and Sports is back for this spring and we are headed east!

Dates:  April 16-18

Location:  Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA

More details will be out soon!

Hittin’ The RoadConventions
See our new products and learn from our speakers at these upcoming conventions.


Photo Pro Network       February 2 – 5

Marriott River

Covington, KY

Jim Seers and John Pittman present a pre-conference Sports Boot Camp on February 2 at 7:00 pm.

Kirk Voclain speaks on February 3, 8:30-11:00 pm.

Jason and Rebecca Weaver speak on February 3, 7:30-9:00 am.

Don’t miss H&H sponsored kick-off party (Pizza, Pop, and Photoshop) 11:00 pm-midnight.

Iowa           February 3-7

Des Moines

Kevin Hudson presents “No More Ordinary” on February 5 from 9 – noon.

S. Carolina                  February 3 – 7

Embassy Suites

Columbia, SC

Bobby Carlsen presents “The Psychology of a Great Portrait Sale – Part I” on February 6

West Virginia            February 10-12

Marriott Hotel


Scott and Adina Hayne present their “No Rules Workshop” – February 12, 9:00-11:30 AM and 1:15-4:30 PM.

Michigan                  February 10-14

Motor City Casino

Detroit, MI

Karen Goforth presents “Stimulus Package 2012 – Market, Market & Market Some More”- February 13 from 2:00-4:30 PM.

Indiana                  February 17-18

Clarion Waterfront Pkwy


PSPA and SPAA 2012        February 18-19

The Renaissance

Las Vegas


Riviera Hotel

Las Vegas, NV

WPPI                         February 16-23

MGM Grand

Las Vegas, NV

Tim Meyer presents “Basic Lighting” – February 17, 7:00-10:00 PM

Scott and Adina Hayne present “1 vs 100, Who Will Win?” – February 19 12:00-2:00 PM

Blair Phillips presents “Senior Photography That Makes Me the Cool Kid in School” – February 20, 3:00-5:00 PM

Kirk Voclain presents “Lighting & Posing Today’s High School Seniors” – February 22, 8:00-10:00 AM

Virginia February 24-28


Jason & Rebecca Brown Weaver present “Stuck Like Glue” – February 25 at 9:00 am

Blair Phillips presents “You Can’t Be Heard if You’re Not Making any Noise” – Febraury 28 at 9 am.


North Carolina State March 3-6

N.C. Sheraton Imperial Hotel

Durham, NC

Bruce & Josh Hudson present “Diversify or Die” – March 5, 2:45-5:30 PM

Scott & Adina Hayne present “Weddings” – March 6, 8:00 – 11:30 AM

Colleen Gonsar & Darty Hines present “Studio Success” – March 6, 12:30-3:30 PM

Ohio State March 17-18

Ohio Kalahari Resort

Sandusky, OH

H&H Color Lab

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