Connection Newsletter – September 2018

Shifting Gears

Autumn is the time where we all take stock and gear up for busy times. School starts back up and business always seems to pick up! It can be overwhelming at times. Staying centered is so important. Go for a walk. Make a picnic lunch. Remember to breathe. Simple coping skills help all of us during these busy times. Please remember too, that we are here for you! Our customer service staff is your support system for business decisions. We not only answer questions about products, we can help you streamline your business. We can give you suggestions and ideas to improve workflow. We can help save you pre-production time. Give us a call and just ask what we can do for you!

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School & Sports

Employee Highlight


On the Road

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school & sports

Web Delivery

NEW! Web delivery of school admin & yearbook exports

  • Faster delivery
  • No shipping charges
  • Simpler to forward to your schools
  • Utilizes Citrix ShareFile to maintain security of delivery
  • Built-in 30 day archive
CD delivery is still available but we expect most studios will choose this new Web delivery option.
Click here for more details

knockout sports trading cards

Introducing the newest product in our knockout sports program, the Sports Trading Card. This Geometrix Pro card is the first trading card to feature the team image on the back, while still using the same automated data and graphics workflow you have come to love.
Be sure to check out this video about our new Sports Trading Cards and order yours today.
Knockout Sports Trader Magnets
knockout sports program

knockout sports

Want to expand your sports business with extractions and dynamic designs but can’t afford the hours it takes in Photoshop? Want to spend more time booking, shooting and selling business and less behind a computer?
Explore the possibilities with H&H’s knockout sports program. No longer do you have to spend hours in Photoshop to get elevated designs. KO Sports has the automated workflow answer for this next level sports combining all of the benefits of H&H’s high speed and integrated workflow tools with automated extraction and product design inspired by professional sports. Learn how to work simpler and faster with exciting product solutions engineered to generate excitement with your clients.
Knockout Sports studio background banners

knockout sports studio background banners

You can now create unique and competitive sports banners without hours in Photoshop. H&H Knockout Sports studio background banners allow you to quickly design your own background and mix and match a custom look for your clients. Our newest addition to Knockout Sports is a set of 2 studio background banner designs. Each one is available in 2 sizes; 24×36 and 32×48.
Want to feature a team logo or mascot in your design? Want to use a photo of the sports field/stadium in the background? You can do all of these things and more with these two versatile banners!

new geometrix studio background

Geometrix Studio Background is our new knockout sports template theme that is based on Geometrix Pro, but allows studios to use their own background designs. Want to incorporate specific graphics for your team’s mascot, a photograph of the stadium or school, team colors, etc.? This new theme will be perfect to fit your personalization needs.
This theme is available in both a light and dark version to accent any shade of background graphic. Products include:
  • 4-wallet, 3.5×5, 5×7, & 8×10 individual borders
  • 5×7 & 8×10 group borders
  • button
  • 4×10 dry erase locker magnet
  • 8×10 magazine cover
  • (2) 4×5 magazine cover magnets
  • circle magnet
  • 8×10 memory mate
  • ceramic mug
  • mouse pad
  • trader magnet
You can now create custom backgrounds like these:
Geometrix Studio Background Geometrix Studio Background Geometrix Studio Background
Geometrix Studio Background Geometrix Studio Background

employee highlight

Seth Thomas

Seth Thomas

In today’s world, no lab business can survive without an exceptional IT department! We think ours is the best! Meet Seth Thomas, an important team player in our very special IT group!
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N-Vu – The Power of You


H&H on the road

Please click here for a full listing of events we will be participating in. We will make every effort to keep this calendar updated, including additional speaker information as we finalize details. Hope to see you at the shows!

In Focus

Photo Expo

September 8-10, 2018
Orlando, Florida
We are excited to be sponsoring Audrey Woulard at this great event! She will be speaking about Tweens, the Forgotten Genre, 8:30-10:30 am, Saturday September 8th.

Rock That Conference

September 20-22, 2018
Detroit, Michigan
Don’t miss Audrey Woulard at this MAPP-Multicultural Association of Professional Photographer’s, event! She will be speaking about Tweens, 5-6:30 pm, Friday, September 21st.
Be sure to stop by our booth for a peek at the new things we are introducing for 2019!

PPO Focus18 – Ozarks Conference

October 6-8, 2018
Joplin, Missouri
We are proud to sponsor Dawn Muncy at this show. She will be speaking about the business of photography as well as lighting and posing. Dawn has been a popular speaker, and she was requested specifically to do her lighting program for the second year in a row at this conference!

I Heart Photography

October 12-14, 2018
Grapevine, Texas
This is another great program sponsored by H&H. Dawn Muncy’s program, “Seniors, Start-to-Finish”, will be held on Sunday, October 14th, 10:30 am-Noon. Dawn will walk you through the Muncy senior experience from phone call to or delivery.
This brand new conference should be an amazing experience, loaded with hands-on classes and unique opportunities for networking and socializing.

Mississippi/Alabama Conference

October 21, 2018
Meridian, Mississippi
You will not want to miss out on this program sponsored by H&H, with Rebecca Weaver! She will be speaking about the business of photographing children. Rebecca has a special talent for niche/boutique marketing and making her customers feel extra special during their sessions.

Portraits Americana

Opening Reception: November 16, 2018
Exhibit runs from November 16, 2018 through January 6, 2019
Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, St. Joseph, Missouri
H&H is honored to be a sponsor for the “Portraits Americana” exhibit. For this exhibition, Guest Curator, Glenn Rand has chosen works that will show how American artists used and are still using the photographic portrait to bring a greater understanding of the subjects, settings, personalities and the artists’ vision. This exhibition is about American artists producing portraits since the turn of the 20th Century. It provides insights into the way these artists used various tools and approaches to reach the essence of their subjects. The common point is that they were all produced as art that will affect the viewers.
H&H Color Lab

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