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october 2017

Fall is here finally! Crisp air, soft light and beautiful fall color make this an ideal time for photographing outdoors. Now is the perfect time to create special limited-time only mini sessions. Use peak fall color in your part of the country to time the best day or two of the month for these special sittings. Encourage customers to update family portraits and get a jump on holiday gifts. Large wall art including framed printsframed canvas wraps, and Classic Modern framed prints are all excellent products to showcase family portraits. This is also the perfect time to run a promotion on cards for the holidays as we are offering 25% off on all press, foil, and photographic slimline cards during the month of October.
Image by Sterling Portraits



Press and Photographic Cards

25% off


november specials

  • 25% off Holiday Card Sales Sample Set
  • 25% off Ornament Sales Sample Set

december specials

  • Watch for our list of upcoming 2018 specials

new products – coming soon!

Holiday Greetings Ornaments

coming in october

holiday greetings ornaments

Our new Holiday Greetings Ornament Collection will be released this month. Be sure to watch for this fun collection of ornaments and add them to your holiday offering this season. This collection features seven festive holiday greeting designs with horizontal, vertical, round, and square image orientations. Just choose your design and drag and drop your image in hhstudio to order. Printed on both sides, these are perfect for tree ornaments and gift ideas.

coming in october

ornament sales sample set

Our new Ornament Sales Sample Set will be released this month. It is the perfect sales tool for your holiday marketing! Purchase the sample set from our Sample Set Order Form. Our sample set includes one of each ornament style – classic porcelain, modern metals, rustic wood options, transparent glass, holiday greeting messages, pewter, and cut-out acrylic. Our vast ornament selection will impress you and your customers. Consider offering a special holiday promotion or give them as thank-you gifts to valued customers. Either way it’s a win-win!

customer service

New “Cancel This Order” option now available

We have added a new “cancel this order” feature to make it easier for those times you need to stop an order from being produced at H&H. Look for the “cancel this order” link in the confirmation email for your order and click on the link to quickly and easily cancel.
If your order has not already been started in our production department, we will cancel it and you will receive a screen confirmation immediately. You will also receive an email confirming the cancellation.
If the order has already been started and we are unable to cancel it, your screen will message “I’m sorry, your order could not be automatically cancelled. Please contact customer service for any additional assistance.” In this case, the order was not able to be successfully cancelled because some part of the order had been started.

So, if you accidently send an order, or need to cancel for another reason before we start production, it is now just an easy “click” to do so! BUT REMEMBER – our production works seven days a week, so you have to send your request quickly!

Email Example:

school & sports

We’ve added blue screen knock-out to green screen!

We have been listening and working…

We have just expanded our green screen image extraction technology to include blue screen!
A number of our school photography customers have asked us to help them deliver ID cards and admin CDs faster to schools while maintaining the ability to offer different backgrounds to parents. Utilizing our green knock-out technology we built a few years ago, we’ve now expanded it to be capable of knocking out images photographed on a blue screen background.
Green Screen
Because blue is a more pleasing background than green screen, many schools are happy to receive their ID cards and admin CD student images on blue backgrounds, which allows these products to be produced and delivered immediately after picture day before the images’ backgrounds are extracted and portraits produced. This decreases the lead time for delivery of these service items.

Why use blue screen

  • Blue screen is intended to solve the problem of quick delivery of ID cards and admin CDs.
  • Blue screen is also a great solution to avoid extra cleanup charges if you photograph green uniforms, photograph on St Patrick’s Day or photograph a graduation that has green caps and gowns.
Jeff Edwards, an H&H client of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said, “We serve over 150 schools in our area and having the ability to deliver ID cards and images to the school quickly on blue backgrounds has been very well received – the school administrators love it.”

What you should know about using blue screen

  • Photography setup for blue screen is exactly like green screen
  • Say Cheese Chroma Key Blue Canvas Background is the only background approved for blue screen at this time
  • You must test and be approved for green screen/blue screen before using blue screen or green screen services.
  • Most yearbooks still require all images to be extracted and consistent backgrounds placed. Blue screen is NOT a way to reduce your costs if your school wants backgrounds that are not on this blue background.
  • There will be no increase for blue screen extraction for 2017 Fall Season.*The price is $0.38 per image for up to ¾ length knockout with unlimited background changes available. Included in this price is the cleanup required when the occasional subject wears the same color as the background. If a majority of subjects are wearing clothing that matches the background color, additional charges apply.*Please Note: Because more students and teachers wear blue, we anticipate an increased quantity of “no additional charge” blue screen cleanup by H&H. We will monitor the workload this fall and will likely introduce an additional charge for future seasons to cover this increased cost.

If you are interested in using blue screen this fall or in the future, please contact customer service for more information!

H&H School Team


Are you ready for Yearbook season?

Did you know that H&H can help you service your schools’ yearbook needs? We offer both hardcover and softcover yearbook printing and unlike many publishers, we have a low minimum quantity of only 50 books. Yearbooks can be designed by your studio or the school. The books can be designed, and then ordered through hhstudio, or your studio can purchase a license to Yearbook Fusion to use to design and order. Here are a few tips if you are planning on offering yearbooks this season:

  • When discussing yearbooks with your schools, find out what kind of book they have received in the past and if the school or photographer was responsible for the design.
  • Photograph everyone. This is important to ensure everyone gets included in the yearbook.
  • After retake day, you will need to order a PSPA CD to begin working on the design process.
Yearbooks can be a confusing process, but we are here to help you. Feel free to reach out to our H&H customer service team with any questions may have.
Automated Class Composites

automated class composites

Automated Class Composites offer a consistent composite layout and design utilizing the studio’s designed graphic background and the capability of layouts that cover a range of classroom sizes from 6 to 50 students.

The individuals can be ranked for appropriate position on the composites so that the school administrators, teachers and students are sequenced appropriately.

The ordering interface has been redesigned for ease of use and improved accuracy of the ordering process.

You’ll find the text mapping to be as simple as applying data to all composites or as individualized as to be applied differently to each composite.

You’ll find a help button that will allow you to open and print a Quick Start guide and a link to the new videos for hhschool’s Auto Composites.


NEW hhimagehost feature improvements for fall

Check out all of the features we have just added to hhimagehost to help you SELL MORE! We continue to release new features to improve hhimagehost. Be sure to watch for more new feature announcements coming in September.
hhimagehost email marketing

automatic email marketing

Many of our customers have asked how to build more business using e-commerce. In response, we have added automatic email marketing for hhimagehost.

now available: package text description tags

Prepay V2 and Proof plan V2 price list Package text descriptions

You can now use tags for headings, bold, italic, underline, bullets, and line breaks in your package text descriptions so you have more control over the text formatting to help make it more visually appealing.

HTML tags for text formatting


new product: hhimagehost digital download

Our new hhimagehost Digital Download helps you sell digital files that can be pre-paid for and then downloaded from an hhimagehost event. The end consumer can purchase a package that includes a high res file and this insert serves as their receipt. They can then log into their hhimagehost event using the password on the insert and download a high resolution digital file.
Digital Download

hhimagehost updates

As your fall season is about to pivot into full swing, we thought it would be helpful to review some of the updates we’ve released in the last 9 months to keep them fresh in your mind before starting your fall season.
hhimagehost Summary of 2017 Updates
Additional information can be found by logging in to hhimagehost. And, of course, we are always just a phone call away if you have any questions.

employee highlight

Carrie Pryor

Carrie Pryor

H&H Small Prints

Our small prints department produces all photographic prints for the portrait side as well as school and sports. Carrie is an important part of this team. She trains all new employees for this department. Her attention to detail and professionalism shine through when speaking with her about the position. Her position is extremely important, as we currently run three shifts in this busy department!

blog posts

We pride ourselves in providing our customers not only with excellent products, but with great educational resources as well. Our blog features articles about equipment, lighting, advice from other professionals and all kinds of great photography tips. This is just one of the many ways that we provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed as professional photographers.
Standing Out From the Crowd


Selling Large the N-Vu Way

Check out this great workshop at H&H!

Discover the power of the N-Vu sales platform and hear case studies from innovative leading-edge studios. Learn about trends changing how we create, consume and use photography. INCLUDES: Education to increase your sales, product gift valued at $48, networking, lunch,
cocktails and goodie bags. Space is limited – sign up today! WORKSHOP Monday October 16, 2017
H&H Color Lab, Kansas City, Missouri
Click here for more details
only $19.99



H&H on the road

Please click here for a full listing of events we will be participating in. We will make every effort to keep this calendar updated, including additional speaker information as we finalize details. Hope to see you at the shows!

Focus 17

Professional Photographers of the Ozarks

October 7-9, 2017
Joplin, MO
View Event Website

Erin Hernandez Reisner, sponsored by N-Vu, will be teaching two classes at this 4-state event, plus judging the print competition!
Saturday, October 7 at 1pm
Show Me The Money… and Happier Clients: Erin will show you how she transitioned from shoot and burn to In-Person Sales in this no-nonsense, share numbers, candid tell-all.
Sunday, October 8th at 10:15am
The Psychology of Sales
Everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold. In this class you will learn to understand what makes people want to buy.


November 5-8, 2017
Tempe, Arizona
View Event Website

Erin Hernandez Reisner, sponsored by N-Vu, will be speaking at this fun and dynamic event!
Show Me The Money… and Happier Clients: Erin will show you how she transitioned from shoot and burn to In-Person Sales in this no-nonsense, share numbers, candid tell-all.
Photo Plus Registration

Photo Plus Expo

October 25-28, 2017
New York City, New York
View Event Website

Our own David Drum will be speaking about the Importance of Print in the Fuji booth on Thursday and Friday, Oct 26 & 27 around 4pm! Be sure to stop by to hear David.

Iowa Fall Retreat

November 5-6, 2017
Des Moines, Iowa
View Event Website

Take a much needed breather during busy season and join us for a couple days of refreshing education and networking!
H&H Color Lab

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