Connection Newsletter – August 2018

Sales Sample Sets

Reflection is a good thing

August brings the last month of summer – a time to prepare for the beginning of a busy fall season. With that in mind, we are offering 30% off on ALL of our Sales Sample Sets during the month of August. (See our specials page on the website for all of the details.) Taking time now, to review your processes, workflow, studio environment and samples will save you stress and frustration during your busy seasons.
H&H is not only your lab for producing high quality products; we consider ourselves part of your staff. We are loyal to you, and have your back! Our customer service staff is fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. Please call us with any of your business related questions, and we will do everything we can to help. We appreciate every single one of you and thank you for your business!

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Product Review

Ordering Applications

School & Sports

Employee Highlight


On the Road

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Sales Sample Sets

30% off Studio Sales Sample Sets

Press Books

30% off all Press Books

upcoming specials


  • 30% off all Sales Sample Sets


  • 25% off all Press and Slimline cards (including foil cards)
  • 30% off Jewelry


  • 25% off Ornaments Sales Sample Sets
  • 25% off Holiday Cards Sales Sample Set

product review: studio sample sets

album swatch sample box

This non-branded album cover swatch set includes generous three-inch square swatches of our leather, faux leather, fabric and acrylic options. This is a must-have tool for professional photographers. The swatches allow your customers to touch and feel all of our cover options, helping them make an informed decision about an important purchase.

foil card sample set

Our non-branded Foil Card Sample Set contains 7 designed press cards illustrating each of our foil themes – Baby Announcements, Holiday, Save the Date, Thank You, Graphic, Senior and Graduation – as well as showcasing our various press papers, designer card shapes and foil colors. A foil-lined envelope and a printed return address label is included to show your clients options for add-on sales. This set also includes a handy 5×5 Sales Booklet. Use this booklet to show your client all the foil card shapes and orientations offered in each foil theme. It is a great sales tool to help your client visualize their choices.

holiday card sample set

Our non-branded Holiday Card Set gives you a jump start for your Christmas marketing! We have included a wide variety of card sizes, styles, shapes and papers to showcase and help your client find the perfect design to fit their needs. Each card design in this set has a Photoshop template that you can download for free from our website -making design and ordering a snap!

press card sample set

Our non-branded Press Card Set gives you a great selection of our popular press cards! We have included a wide variety of card sizes, styles, shapes and papers to help your client choose their favorite card style and receive inspiration from our fun designs. We have also included a sample of our optional foil-lined envelope and a wrap-around return address label. Be sure to show these to your clients as optional add-on products to help boost sales.

finishing & mounting sample set

This non-branded sales kit contains sixteen 8×10 samples of our finishing and mounting options. Use these large samples as a sales tool when showcasing products to your customers. When customers can see and touch the many options, it helps them visualize the finished product, keeping them more informed about an important purchase. It also provides you with a tool to encourage additional sales when you can show your clients optional add-on finishes and mounting choices.

classic modern frame sample set

  • For our 7×7 torn-edge fine-art prints
  • Includes three 8-inch “stick” molding sections for the Classic Modern shadowbox frame style without glass – Black, Hickory and White
  • Includes three 8-inch “stick” molding sections for the Classic Modern deep set frame style with glass – Black, Taupe and White

gallery wrap frame sample set

  • For our framed gallery wraps
  • Includes five 8-inch “stick” sections of our molding choices for gallery wraps
  • Black (smooth), Black (wood grain), Espresso, Hickory and White

photographic print frame sample sets

  • For our framed photographic prints
  • Includes 8-inch “stick” section moldings of all frames included in categories A, B, C or D
  • Each molding category is sold separately

jewelry sample sets

Select your favorite pieces and create your own sample sets! Only one of each piece of jewelry allowed per set. Jewelry will feature our stock sample images.
  • Large sample set includes 15 pieces
  • Medium sample set includes 8 pieces
  • Small sample set includes 3 pieces
  • Full sterling sample set includes 7 pieces
  • Mini sterling sample set includes 3 pieces

metal print sample set

Our non-branded Metal Sample Sales Kit contains three 5×7 metal prints showcasing our metal finishes and corner styles. The set includes samples of Aluminessence, Brilliant and Matte metals. Each metal print is displayed in a print folder, allowing your customers to handle the samples without smudging from fingerprints, while viewing the difference in the three finishes. They can easily slide out to show the difference in corner styles.

ornament sample set

Our Ornament Sales Sample Set is the perfect sales tool for your holiday marketing! Purchase the sample set from our Sample Set Order Form. Our sample set includes one of each ornament style – classic porcelain, modern metals, rustic wood options, transparent glass, holiday greeting messages, pewter, and cut-out acrylic. Our vast ornament selection will impress you and your customers. Consider offering a special holiday promotion or give them as thank-you gifts to valued customers. Either way it’s a win-win!

paper sample set

Our non-branded Paper Sales Kit includes 5×5 square samples of all eighteen paper types! This is a great resource when ordering prints, albums or press products such as cards and brochures. Use these samples as a sales tool when showcasing products to your customers, allowing them to touch, feel and see the difference in professional paper choices. Your clients will appreciate this next level of personal interaction, helping them to make a more informed decision!

ordering applications

important notice

Watch for additional information in the next few weeks.

Upgrading our ordering applications to 64-bit technology

H&H will soon be updating our ordering applications to use 64-bit technology. Most computers manufactured in the past 7 to 10 years are 64-bit capable systems that also still support the now older 32-bit technology. Apple and Microsoft want to end support for 32-bit and are now starting to implement plans to make that happen. Apple has announced that when they release the next macOS after High Sierra it will no longer support 32-bit applications.
What this means to H&H customers: Once we update our applications, they will require a 64-bit capable computer to be installed and used. If you have purchased a major brand-name computer like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, NEC or Asus in the past 5 years, you should not experience any issues. If you have an off-brand or older computer, you may not be able to run our new 64-bit ordering applications.

school & sports

knockout sports program

knockout sports

Want to expand your sports business with extractions and dynamic designs but can’t afford the hours it takes in Photoshop? Want to spend more time booking, shooting and selling business and less behind a computer?
Explore the possibilities with H&H’s knockout sports program as you discover you don’t have to choose between the “take a knee and grin” sports photos or spending hours in photoshop to get elevated designs. KO Sports has the automated workflow answer for this next level sports combining all of the benefits of H&H’s high speed and integrated workflow tools with automated extraction and product design inspired by professional sports. Learn how to work simpler and faster with exciting product solutions engineered to generate excitement with your clients.
H&H has a one-time charge for extraction. Your png images are available to use for reorders, additional backgrounds, and multiple sale opportunities for 45 days. You may also download your extracted PNG images for other use. Since in our system the extraction is done just once, the resulting file can be used in many products.
  • One-time minimal charge for extraction
  • PNGs available for reuse for 45 days
  • Extracted PNGs posted for download and other use
  • Reasonable fee for the template products
  • Utilizes the leading image extraction capabilities
  • Fully automated product line
  • Developed for those who wish to increase their margins and differentiate themselves from competition
  • Cannot mix green screen & extraction in same order
Knockout Sports studio background banners

knockout sports studio background banners

You can now create unique and competitive sports banners without hours in Photoshop. H&H Knockout Sports studio background banners allow you to quickly design your own background and mix and match a custom look for your clients. Our newest addition to Knockout Sports is a set of 2 studio background banner designs. Each one is available in 2 sizes; 24×36 and 32×48.
Want to feature a team logo or mascot in your design? Want to use a photo of the sports field/stadium in the background? You can do all of these things and more with these two versatile banners!

new geometrix studio background

Geometrix Studio Background is our new knockout sports template theme that is based on Geometrix Pro, but allows studios to use their own background designs. Want to incorporate specific graphics for your team’s mascot, a photograph of the stadium or school, team colors, etc.? This new theme will be perfect to fit your personalization needs.
This theme is available in both a light and dark version to accent any shade of background graphic. Products include:
  • 4-wallet, 3.5×5, 5×7, & 8×10 individual borders
  • 5×7 & 8×10 group borders
  • button
  • 4×10 dry erase locker magnet
  • 8×10 magazine cover
  • (2) 4×5 magazine cover magnets
  • circle magnet
  • 8×10 memory mate
  • ceramic mug
  • mouse pad
  • trader magnet
You can now create custom backgrounds like these:
Geometrix Studio Background Geometrix Studio Background Geometrix Studio Background
Geometrix Studio Background Geometrix Studio Background

employee highlight

Sal Angarita

When thinking of a color lab, many just consider production equipment and machines that create all the amazing products that photographers want. But it takes a lot more than just equipment. Maintaining our building and supporting our production processes, takes a lot of hard work from some very talented team members. It is amazing when you look behind the scenes and discover all the small and large details, simple to very complex, that have to be planned and executed. There are constant new projects plus improvements that depend on our Building Maintenance team to make happen – from custom tables, cabinets and furniture built, to over 55,000 square feet of building space that has to be maintained to perfection, so that everything can work in concert! We are fortunate to have Sal Angarita, an amazing craftsman, for this task. Sal’s smiling face and fun personality not only adds a sparkle to our H&H team, but his expertise is admired by all.
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N-Vu – The Power of You


H&H on the road

Please click here for a full listing of events we will be participating in. We will make every effort to keep this calendar updated, including additional speaker information as we finalize details. Hope to see you at the shows!

North Carolina

Photo Expo

August 3-6, 2018
Durham, North Carolina
Be sure to catch Kia Bondurant both opening night and for her program, sponsored by H&H. She will be speaking about stylized family portraits, Saturday August 4th from 1:30-3:00 pm.

VPPA Summer Seminars

August 10-12, 2018
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Dorie Howell and Rachael Boer – sponsored by H&H
Keys to Success with IPS
August 11, 2018 9am to Noon


August 18-21, 2018
Columbia, Missouri
Sabina Cavalli sponsored by H&H
  • Stunning Portraits (Demonstration Shoot): senior, portrait and sports photography
Scott Detweiler sponsored by N-Vu
  • Lighting for Composition(Demonstration Shoot): Approachable ways to look at lighting that allow one to visualize what the lighting will look like before you take the first shot
  • In Person Sales – Workflow & Challenges(Lecture): Workflow and a mock sales session using in-person sales. Includes discussion on challenges and solutions.
H&H Color Lab

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