Connection Newsletter – March 2019

PPA National Award Winner…our own Terry Tuggle!

Melissa Kelly and Terry Tuggle

On February 8th, the Kansas Professional Photographers Association presented Terry Tuggle with the PPA National Award. The National Award is a special honor that PPA Affiliates can present to recognize outstanding services in professional photography. We are extremely proud of Terry and are grateful for his passion to serve our industry.

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Schools & Sports

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february specials

Images by: Audrey Woulard

50% off Prints
Coupon code: HHPRINTS19
Order in hhstudio
Expires: March 31, 2019
Purchase two prints these select sizes and receive 50% off both, does not have to be the same size or paper type: 8×12, 10×15, 11×14, 12×18, 14×21, 16×16, 16×20, 16×24, 20×20, 20×24, and 20×30 only

Image by: Audrey Woulard

25% off Wallets
Coupon code: WALLETS19
Order in hhstudio
Expires: March 31, 2019

Image by: Teri Ritter

25% off 5×7 Walnut Plaques
Coupon code: SSEplaque
Order in hhschools or hhsports
Special begins March 1, 2019 and expires June 15, 2019

upcoming specials

  • 30% off Jewelry
  • 25% off Cards
  • 25% off Metal Prints
  • 25% off Framed Metal Prints
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customer service

gainsborough mount board

Attention Gainsborough users. The manufacturer of the Gainsborough mount board has notified us they will no longer produce this product. As the inventory of our boards are depleted, we will no longer be able to offer this mounting option. Be sure to check out our other mount offerings to find another substrate that will take care of your client’s needs. Our customer service team is happy to answer any questions you may have – give us a call!
View Mount Options

new products

new metal print options

We have expanded and improved the mounting options for our metal prints. Hanging them on your wall using one of our new mounts is now a breeze! Visit our website to see more information on these new options in addition to revewing our updated metal print pricing.
Our new Hanging Mount provides an easy and economical way to not only hang a metal print on a wall, but also create depth by spacing the print away from the wall. Small metal prints will have one hanging mount, larger prints will have two.
Our updated Float Mount provides single-point ease of hanging as well as perfect wall spacing. It includes corner bumpers to protect wall surfaces and help retain level alignment. Choose a Branded Float Mount to add your logo or other image to the back.

hanging mount

float mount

branded float mount

More Information

new mini tassel necklaces & key rings

Introducing our new mini tassel necklaces and key rings. This fun collection comes in four happy colors that complement any image – bright pink, purple, orange, and grey. The leather tassels are 2.5 inches in length and have sparkle power with crystal end caps. The necklace chain is 36-inches. Your image is printed on a round brilliant metal ¾-inch pendant. Pink and grey tassel necklaces and key rings are offered in gun metal. The orange and purple tassel necklaces and key rings are offered in antique silver. Order this collection in the Metal Jewelry section of hhstudio software.
Framed Metal Prints
Images by Ariana Falerni (orange), Ariana Falerni (grey), Mac Brown Photographers (pink), Ariana Falerni (purple),

stunning framed metal prints

Introducing our NEW Framed Metal Prints! Our popular metal prints now come with five modern framing selections. Choose from Black Wood Grain, Black Smooth, Espresso, Hickory, and White. For the metal print, select from three finish options: Brilliant, Aluminessence, and Matte. All framed metal prints come complete with backer paper and bracket; ready to hang.
Image by Ariana Falerni
Kraft Paper End Sheets

new kraft paper album end sheets

Introducing our newest album accessory, kraft paper end sheets. Just like the right pair of shoes can add style to any outfit, this natural fiber paper can provide the perfect organic feel to complement your designs. Available in any Gallery Lay-flat Album along with black paper, moiré, and our matte photo paper designer end sheets.
Image by Kia Bondurant Photography

new 10×14 torn edge print frame styles

Available in both horizontal and vertical, our new 10×14 Torn Edge Print Frames are sure to be a hit with your customers! Five new frame styles, with coordinating double mats, feature a torn edge print subtly floated from the background to give depth and then protected by glass. Each print is an 8×12 image printed on watercolor paper with a 1″ border and hand torn edge.
Image by Michael Anthony

new sample set

Now available! We just released our newest frame marketing sample set for torn edge solo and trio prints. The set includes five eight-inch stick sections of our molding choices. Click here to order.


Quick tips for cropping in Velocity!

Here are a few shortcuts to add to your Velocity knowledge arsenal. Save time placing and cropping images in your album and book designs!

Swap Two Images

Want to swap two images in a page layout? Just click one of the images in the layout, and without moving your cursor, in about 1 second you will see a small thumnbnail of that image appear. Drag and drop that thumbnail onto any other image in your layout and the two images will swap places!
Images by Michael Anthony

Crop an Image

Hold Ctrl+Option (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt (PC) while you click and drag from top left to bottom right on an image in a page layout. This will let you crop closer (bottom right) or looser (top left) without double-clicking the image to open the crop window.

Position an Image

Hold Option (Mac) or Alt (PC) while you click and drag over an image in a page layout to reposition that image within the picture box.
Download Velocity
Free to all H&H customers!

schools & sports

announcing apex pro ko

The Apex Pro KO series was designed exclusively for H&H by sports photographer, Mike Curtis. Mike’s unique perspective and immersion in the industry gives him the incentive to push the boundaries of what knockout sports can do. Designed specifically for sports photographers, this product lineup, combined with the new capability of team knockout, makes a dynamic duo!
Products included in the initial launch are:
  • Individual border: 4 wallets, 5×7, 8×10
  • Team border: 5×7, 8×10
  • Memory mate 8×10
Apex Pro KO is the first template series designed for team as well as individual image knockout. Extra fees do apply to the team knockout service. Please refer to our website for more information.

original team image

team knockout

More Information

hhimagehost updates

We’ve been working on some updates to hhimagehost. Here are a few things we think you’ll really like:
  • Proof plan v2 – you can now cancel and refund an order
  • All galleries – added stronger image copyright protection
  • Huge improvement in speed when loading image galleries
For the entire list, see hhimagehost release notes.
Masters Extraction Spring Program
Masters Spring Program

masters extraction spring program

The Masters Extraction spring program is now available!
  • Shoot on a variety of Old Masters backgrounds
  • Use your own school studio lighting design
  • Get quick service items by skipping the knockout process
  • Proof on the captured background
  • Only knockout the background when your customer orders a replacement
  • Let our Design Center customize the Masters proof plan for your school needs
More information

early bird specials end march 31st

Save up to $100 by signing up now.
See each link below for information about our School and Sports education classes at H&H this summer:
School Boot Camp Schools 201 Sports Boot Camp

discontinuing notepads

We will be discontinuing 3×9 and 6×9 school and sports notepads on May 30th. This includes image only and all template designs. If you feature these products on your sales flyers, please remove them or contact our design center to modify your flyer design.

improved key fob

Our key fobs are no longer produced on PVC stock. They are now made using a gloss laminated paper stock. We believe this change will provide a high quality product with better color and edge printing accuracy.
Key fobs are ordered in our hhschools and hhsports software and are available in a variety of different template themes.
Do you use any of our studio background key fobs?
The design guides have changed! Click here to download the new files.

employee highlight

Fred Yun

Our amazing production maintenance staff works day in and day out to make sure that print devices are in good working order so that your products look great and are delivered on time! We couldn’t take care of all your needs without them! Their dedication and hard work are much appreciated by the entire lab. Please meet Fred Yun, a newer member of the Production Maintenance Department. Fred is participating in our Apprentice Program through the Metropolitan Community Colleges. He is learning about all equipment throughout the lab, in all the different team areas. In addition, Fred has also been helping to maintain and improve the facility. Like many of our teams here at H&H, the maintenance team wears lots of different hats each day. The cross-training and exposure to all areas in the lab, builds experience and knowledge that is making Fred a very valuable team member!
Read the full article

H&H on the road

Please click here for a full listing of events we will be participating in. We will make every effort to keep this calendar updated, including additional speaker information as we finalize details. Hope to see you at the shows!


March 9-11, 2019
Springfield, Missouri
Learn from some of the best photographers in the business! Come join the close-knit community of Missouri PPA members!

Maine Photographic Expo and Convention

March 15-17, 2019
Portland, Maine
We are happy to sponsor the Hospitality Suite from 9-11pm, on March 16th during the Maine Convention!

Ohio Photo Blast

March 22-24, 2019
Dublin, Ohio
Don’t miss Jason and Rebecca Weaver, sponsored by H&H, at this event! Please be sure to check the show website for more details and program information.

IPS Workshop

March 25-26, 2019
H&H Color Lab, Kansas City
Free with purchase of N-Vu Platinum Plan or No Commission Plan
Want to learn the ins and outs of in person sales? In this highly interactive class, you will learn basics of IPS strategies that increase your sales and maximize your profits. You will also explore many different sales tools, workflows, and hear from photographers who are using IPS every day in their businesses. Sign up today!
H&H Color Lab

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